Our partnership model

Our business model is entirely based on the talent and experience of all of us who form a part of LLORENTE & CUENCA. The long-term development of our professionals is a key factor in achieving our growth and leadership objectives.

Being a LLORENTE & CUENCA partner is a challenge within reach for all professionals at our firm thanks to the partnership model we have implemented in recent years. It is a privilege reserved for exceptional individuals who demonstrate a strategic vision capable of enhancing the business of our clients, excellence in the performance of our services, and a sustained contribution to the business results of the firm.

On June 29, 2015, the French private equity firm MBO Partenaires joined the shareholding structure of LLORENTE & CUENCA following a 22% investment in the firm´s shares.

Presently, our company has 20 partners; 18 are professional partners and 2 are financial ones.

José Antonio Llorente

Founding Partner and Chairman

Alejandro Romero

Partner and CEO Americas

Luisa García

Partner and Managing Director Spain and Portugal

Enrique González

Partner and CFO

Arturo Pinedo

Partner and Managing Director Spain and Portugal

Adolfo Corujo

Partner and Chief Strategy Officer

José Luis Di Girolamo

Partner and CFO Americas

Javier Rosado

Partner and Managing Director North Region

María Cura

Partner and Managing Director Barcelona

Joan Navarro

Partner and Vice President of Public Affairs

Amalio Moratalla

Partner and Senior Director of Sport and Business Strategy

Juan Cuesta

Financial partner

Richard Broche

Financial partner

Goyo Panadero

Partner and Chief Talent and Innovation Officer

Erich de la Fuente

Partner and Chairman United States

Luis Miguel Peña

Partner and Managing Director Andean Region

María Esteve

Partner and Managing Director Colombia

Tiago Vidal

Partner and Managing Director Portugal

Iván Pino

Partner and Senior Director

Óscar Iniesta

Partner and Managing Director of Arenalia