IPOs and corporate operations

How do I add value to my company during a financial transaction?

There are no more barriers. Financial analysts echo the information published in the media when it comes to evaluating a company, shareholders express their opinion on business decisions through social media and regulators echo the complaints of competitors when it comes to fixing their opinion on a particular issue. Information flows from one stakeholder group to another in a multidirectional conversation that is impossible to compartmentalize.

Active communication management is a key element in companies. A clear example of their relevance is corporate transactions and/or operations. Creating a favorable climate of opinion during an M&A process can decay the final result and be key to setting the future of a company. To this end, it is essential to know the main milestones of the operation and to manage potential risks and opportunities sufficiently in advance.

Likewise, a milestone where public exposure conditions the future of a firm’s IPO. In addition to the need to know how to manage the process itself in order to meet the expectations created, this decisive moment marks a turning point in the levels of demand for information.


Maximize the value of the company in an IPO or corporate operation while avoiding the inherent risks.


We help you generate a climate of trust with your stakeholders: media, analysts, investors, employees, suppliers, etc. Only when companies work in advance to build a relationship of trust with their stakeholders can they turn them into allies, subscribers or ambassadors of the most decisive moments in their history.


he history, current situation and future prospects must be clearly communicated to all those who relate to the company (shareholders, analysts, employees, partners, regulators...). Only the persuasion and consistency of the corporate narrative will allow the company to generate sufficient credibility and trust to be able to operate in an increasingly complex environment.


An active management of communication in a corporate operation or IPO contributes to mitigating the risks inherent to the operation.


Good management of issues leads to better valuation.
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