Country Risk Intelligence

How to anticipate regulatory risks that might impact business?

The Country Risk Intelligence service provides periodic information on the political, economic and social situation of certain countries and their regional environment, with a preventive risk approach and capacity for qualitative and quantitative analysis. It also details the factors that can affect the social, political and normative framework of a given country, as well as its regional implications. Country Risk, in addition, identifies the probabilities of the different scenarios posed, applying quantitative and probabilistic models based on surveys and other sociological studies.


Anticipate economic, political and social risks in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, as well as European institutions.

Our reports incorporate analyses of structural and circumstantial aspects

Electoral processes, national legislation or policies of specific interest to the client, as well as structural aspects; trade agreements, regional associations, etc.

We work daily with open sources, as well as through consultations

National media, social media, national and international institutional sites, local and regional authorities and experts.

We have the permanent support of specialists from different sectors in each country

With whom we analyze trends we carry out information processing through the LLYC Experts Network in each of our 16 offices.


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