Reputation Risk

How do I protect myself from reputational risks?

Reputation Risk is a system for the integral, formal and organized management of corporate reputational risks designed by LLYC. The main objective of this system is to help organizations anticipate, prevent and manage their reputational risks in an integrated and coordinated way within their own corporate risk management scheme, all the while adapted to their specific needs.


To protect our reputation when there's a constant change.

Tools for identifying and analyzing your own risks

Reputation Relevance, MRO, etc.

Extensive expertise in reputational risks and crises

Management system in line with international management standards

COSO III, ISO 31000, EBA Guidelines.


Latam Airlines and BHAirport
30 Aug 2019

Challenges of HOT and COLD crises and how to address them

The circumstances around risk have changed. It is imperative that we understand the new corporate landscape and change our approach, moving away from traditional strategic and tactical crisis management...
25 Feb 2019

Challenge: Radical Transparency

Radical Transparency, developed by LLYC’s Thought Leadership Unit, covers and analyzes the importance of transparency in today’s era – where it is necessary to communicate with consistency, auth...
19 Feb 2019

Global trends for a year of collective challenges

The beginning of a new year always encourages us to reflect on the future – a period obviously influenced by the previous one. As such, 2018 was not an...
21 Nov 2018

Managing reputation crises in a global society: do’s and ...

We have shifted from transparency to hyper-transparency in a global society where anything and everything can now be easily checked. Controlling a company’s narrative and safeguard it in public...

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