How to build influence for your brand in key territories?

In an attention economy with conversations structured in increasingly closed communities, influence is a good idea. However, a lack of transparency or fake followers can lead to reputational crises for brands. Our influence marketing approach is based on matching values between influencers and brands, the development of superfans (from among customers and employees) and the creation of conversation structures with defined roles where co-creation and authenticity are key. All this is measured by a series of metrics that combine engagement and reach with conversation relevance.


Improving brand influence in those communities and conversations that are key to the business and reputation


We apply a continuous community and influencer radar method that enables us to help you apply the brand strategy to discover and align with the most outstanding profiles. Beyond the standard analysis of reach and engagement, we also examine brand-influencer values that optimize the relevance of any work we do together.


Not all influencers have to play the same role, but they all need to have one in the conversation structure we develop for your brand. We encourage co-creation with influencers in order to foster authenticity and the influence of their content on communities.


We believe in the idea of advocacy, which is why we develop conversation structures that go beyond one-off campaigns to establish ongoing partnership relations and enhance the role of superfans, both among customers and among employees of the company.


We combine traditional reach and engagement metrics with more qualitative factors about conversation relevance to encourage a more comprehensive mix capable of analyzing the impact and evolution of the strategy.


Budweiser (Backus AB InBev)
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