Consumer Trust

Turn trust into a business asset.

LLYC uses transmedia solutions to improve consumer trust in companies and brands. We focus on sharing a company’s transparency, integrity and credibility, using storybuilding tools, interactive content, advocay, ongoing measurement and targeted interventions at each point of contact with consumers to bring companies closer to their audiences.


Increase shareholder trust.


LLYC can help you see how much trust consumers have in your brand, as well as what you can do to improve it and what competitors are doing to build their own credibility.


We've developed a transmedia content strategy that combines information and entertainment to boost improvement, promoting brand interactions and enhancing consumer experiences.


We support points of contact that generate meaningful interations with consumers, increasing their trust in your company and encouraging brand advocacy.


Drawing from our Reputation Relevance methodology, we measure objectives based on stakeholder expectations, identifying gaps between those expectations and their perceptions so you can focus your work where it matters most.


Coca Cola
Coca Cola
22 May 2019

Rebranding: Why, When, How and Why Not

When managing a brand, the ability to identify and adapt to a rapidly changing market is paramount. To ensure a brand’s survival in a volatile economy, it must remain...
9 May 2019

From Tribes to Communities: Toward a Flexible Brand Identity

The digital revolution has created a new multi-identity consumer profile that, when grouped into communities built around specific causes, shares a series of values and is located around the...
8 May 2019


UNO32 Consumers and brands: a new era explores the challenges brands face when trying to differentiate themselves today. In a society where supply increases daily and the differences between...
27 Mar 2019

Conversation and Conversion. Customer Experience Challeng...

We often talk about how the digital disruption is transforming the panorama of B2C (business to client) companies, but what about B2B enterprise, and what challenges are facing customer experien...

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