Upskilling / Reskilling

Are you extending or renewing your professional skills?

We are living in times of great change for those who require new managerial and executive skills in companies.

If you have, or aspire to perform, managerial responsibilities in a company, whether in the field of management, marketing, communication or public affairs, you will surely be faced with a need to acquire and recycle many of your skills, knowledge and professional attitudes.

You will need to develop new skills to head up increasingly more diverse and open teams; incorporate disruptive technologies in your work processes, and take critical decisions in increasingly more complex environments, among many other skills that will redefine the professional world in the coming years.



Communication skills are increasingly more decisive to challenge the many critical moments facing company executives and managers:

Effective online and in person presentations · Public speaking · Communicating on Social Media · Crisis Communication · Communicating in the Media · Public Affairs · Digital Marketing · Digital Narratives · Storytelling…


The exercise of leadership against a backdrop of uncertainty requires strengthening those skills that allow us to manage people’s expectations from widely ranging stakeholders, such as:

Resilience · Risks · Creativity · Active Listening · Persuasion · Negotiation · Emotional Intelligence · Reputation · Diversity · Sustainability · Social Influence · Client Experience …


In a disruptive world caused by new technologies, we need to be able to understand and develop practical applications in a variety of skilled fields:

Digital Transformation · Exponential Growth · Artificial Intelligence · Big Data · Internet of Things · Data Analytics · Cybersecurity · Blockchain · Digital Business...


In a rapidly changing world, we take on the challenge of reassessing established ideas and of creating new solutions through frameworks of thought and such practical skills as:

Problem-solving · Critical Thought · Agile Methods · Co-creative Design · Open Innovation · Corporate Entrepreneurship · Business Models…

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