How do you adapt to an environment of constant threats by strengthening brand reputation?

LLYC brings it's skills to the table to help you control the impact caused by risks on stakeholder confidence, and to convert threats into opportunities for brand reputation.

We are living in times of constant threats to brand reputation. These risks come from every direction to test the beliefs held by stakeholders about organizations and their leaders.

Whether because of a health pandemic, climate emergency, technological disruption or other critical events, companies are being forced to perform in an environment of constant risk. They must respond to the changing expectations of customers, employees, investors and authorities in circumstances that disrupt the status quo.

Reputational resilience has become essential for the continuity and sustainability of businesses. How do you adapt to such a volatile and uncertain environment? How do you recover in such complex situations? These are the challenges we face alongside our clients.


How do we anticipate the reputational risks with the greatest impact on the business?

By revealing emerging risks through the analysis of Big Data using such technologies as AI, NLP and Deep Learning. By uncovering trends that pose latent risks in the industry or markets. By mapping the events that are most likely, and to the greatest extent, to disappoint the expectations of each stakeholder group. By highlighting pain points in the customer and employee experience.

How do we control the effect of reputational risks on business continuity?

By training company leaders in the communication protocols, simulations and techniques for critical situations. By designing processes and guidelines for the management of various crisis scenarios. By developing commitment campaigns within the company to encourage a reputational risk avoidance culture. Through reputational compliance policies.

How do we respond to crises and maximize opportunities for the business?

By deploying influence networks in communities with ties to the company purpose. By positioning omni-channel content of relevance to the company reputation. By offering in situ consultancy for informed decision-making about stakeholder expectations. By monitoring public opinion in real time through the media, social media and direct surveys.

How do we strengthen business sustainability using a reputational crisis or risk?

By taking corrective steps based on a (forensic) reputational audit on the cause and effect stemming from the crisis or risk. By activating the definition or revision of the corporate purpose as a lever for recovery. By mobilizing company stakeholders (corporate activism) around a common cause related to its purpose. By enhancing institutional and political interaction by the company from a pro-active perspective (corporate diplomacy).

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