Next Generation Europe

How can the unique opportunity for the recovery and transformation of our economy be harnessed?

A team of first-class professionals, renowned for their experience in the design and management of public-private collaboration projects, national and international public affairs, and their knowledge of sustainability and digitalization matters, at our clients’ disposition.

The European Union has set in motion the most ambitious recovery and modernization plan of the economy in its history. The Next Generation EU Recovery Plan will amount to an injection of direct support and additional financing for Spanish companies equivalent to 15% of our GDP over the next three years.

At this time, the Government of Spain is working on the Spanish Recovery Plan to lay the foundations for the prioritization and implementation of this significant volume of funding.

At LLYC, we are making the Next Generation UE Projects Unit available to our clients, which includes top level professionals renowned for their experience in institutional relations and managing public-private collaboration projects. The Unit is also fueled by all our experience in the sector and by the powerful network of Advisors at LLYC.

We have invested our extensive experience in this Unit to boost public-private collaboration and our positioning in contextual intelligence to facilitate the alignment of the business and investment priorities of our clients with the European Union’s commitments and with the foundations of the Recovery Plan of the Government of Spain.



How does my project fit into the RTRP? Does it make sense to invest my time and resources in designing my project within the framework of the RTRP?

For those clients that have not yet taken a decision on their participation in the EU Funds process, we help them understand whether their investment plan is eligible and compatible with the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.


How can I know whether relevant rounds of proposals exist? Can I present my project? What are the benefits for each of the subsidy opportunities?

We offer an anticipation and monitoring service of the rounds of proposals in real time. We support our clients in the preparation of their projects and identify other financing mechanisms likely to be of interest for the project.


How can I increase the chance my project is successful in receiving European Next Generation Funds?

We analyze in depth the investment projects of a company or sector, highlighting strategic opportunities and accompanying our clients in the validation and design of their projects, offering support in such key areas as: the involvement of partners in the project and support in the creation of consortiums and their governance mechanism. We also offer legal alignment for the project through specialists in European and international public-private collaboration processes, for the eligibility and subsequent implementation of the project.


I would like to validate my project and discuss this with institutional stakeholders that are familiar with the RTRP; what is the mechanism for this? How can I bring the needs of the sector to the institutional table?

We support and advise our clients in their dialogue with public decision makers, with full respect for the procedures and practices of use, loyally and efficiently, conveying valuable information to political and administrative leaders along with business commitment and responsibility.


What is the political and institutional context of the RTRP? What changes could affect me? What important new features could be anticipated?

We offer an anticipation, monitoring and interpretation service of all the processes and relevant decisions on the forecasts and new features relating to the RTRP and European questions that could influence the development of projects and the implementation of subsidies.


How do I make my project more visible? How do I show my commitment to the objectives of the RTRP?

On a complementary basis, we offer our capacity for communication and the enhancement of reputation to develop actions that increase the visibility of corporate efforts and vision.

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