Adaptative Methodology

How to access agile, efficient, effective, high quality and scalable innovation and development processes?

Innovation based on research and applied to the design of solutions provides organizations with adaptive skills in all their competitive environments to regain, protect or develop strategic advantages when facing any challenge.

Our “Adaptative” method harnesses all the advantages of innovation as a service. The method combines research, design and implementation for research, strategy, prototyping and user experience (UX) projects. The service enables our clients to immediately access secure and efficient information to transform corporate, communication and marketing strategies.


Adaptative Toolkit by LLYC

A method based on implementing a toolkit of 22 cards aimed at offering solutions to research, design and implementation needs for organizationally critical mission projects focused on corporate, communication and marketing strategy.

Research to innovate

Research, design and development to support innovation for the management of specific, efficient and co-created transformation processes.

Adaptative thinking ™

We propose a highly structured while also enormously education and easily scalable thought framework that allows us to provide our clients with an innovation experience underpinned by thought leadership.

Leadership in design

Organizations that are led through design thinking adopt far more aggressive, efficient and strategic competitiveness and adaptation mechanisms than organizations that continue to apply more conventional leadership models. Business-applied design is an inevitable reality in new competitive scenarios.

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