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How does communication help start-ups to overcome their challenges?

"Through our work, we have acquired great expertise and knowledge of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and looked in-depth at the challenges facing start-ups, helping them grow and overcome challenges, demonstrating that communication is a key partner for the sector"

Today’s start-ups are tomorrow’s large corporations, but before that, these newly-created companies must overcome certain challenges to validate their model and thus grow.

Attracting finance, demonstrating the viability of the business and scaling up, attracting talent and tackling regulatory challenges are the four main challenges marking the initial phases of start-ups.

Communication plays a key role as it becomes a tool, and ally, that accompanies this ecosystem and helps grow your business at key moments.


Attracting finance

Finance and the continuous search for resources is one of the constant features of start-ups. Offering a sound and consistent image contributes to drawing investors, funds and other economic agents closer to the project, predisposed to sign up to it.

Scaling up and growth

Increasing business opportunities is another of the main priorities of start-ups. Demonstrating the viability of the project and standing out among competitors will become an attractive competitive tool.

Regulatory challenges

Start-ups have disruptive business models that resolve problems, but also raise regulatory challenges. Institutions watch companies closely and their opinions may halt their growth or, in contrast, may make them viable. Accordingly, corporate diplomacy is essential for ensuring they fit well into the market.

Attracting talent

Newly-created companies need to attract talent to incorporate in their teams to continue growing and achieving the goals proposed. Explaining the success story of their founders, the beginnings of the project and the business milestones help position start-ups as a magnet to attract talent.

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