How can you strengthen your organization’s reputation following the post-Covid changes in the fields of health and nutrition?

"Creating brands and highlighting product value will be key challenges to overcome with various stakeholders to prevent demand from shifting toward cheaper products"

The agri-food sector has been fundamental to the population's survival during the COVID-19 crisis, and there has been a clear interest in building strong agri-food chains for supplying the market.

However, a sector  with so many complex value chains will have to find ways to develop specific products that do not depend on the traditional path from primary producers to wholesalers, but can instead reach the market through retail channels, or even the hospitality sector. Omnichannel approaches will be key.

Questions surrounding food costs, unfair competition stemming from the import of products from other markets (often with different safety or quality standards) and a possible price war are all risks that will need to be considered in the post-COVID era.

Creating brands and highlighting product value will be key challenges to overcome with various stakeholders to prevent demand from shifting toward cheaper products. Furthermore, we are entering an era in which some will attempt to open new channels and markets. In this area in particular, it will be essential to prepare for the arrival of the new normal.


How do we generate trust in the food sector?

A focus will need to be placed on health and safety following this health crisis. Consumers will need to be given more knowledge about the chain.

What should the priorities be for the agri-food sector?

By listening to sectors, we will be able to assess the most appropriate strategy for underpinning the sale of local produce, fresh products (healthy); try to move consumer focus away from price.

How can I generate consumer engagement?

The challenge we face is to raise the value of the sector, its jobs and the role of industries that have shown themselves to be essential in economic activity for generating consumer engagement.

Do consumers trust their usual products?

COVID-19 has led to changes in consumption patterns and will have an impact on the structure of sectors over the coming months. We should be able to understand the keys to consumer confidence and harness them.
3 Jul 2020

En Contexto. Manuel Domínguez: “Manejo de información en tiempos de COVID-19”

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