Based on our experience, creativity, methodology and technology, 13 Task Forces are helping our clients through the challenges they face in this new phase.

Following the outbreak of this pandemic, which has abruptly transformed the way of life around the world, leaders are aware that we stand at a #TurningPoint in the process. They know it poses numerous challenges but that it also offers enormous opportunities.

They agree that the most important and pressing issue is the need to re-think their organizations and adapt them to the new post-COVID scenario that has become patently obvious in conversations worldwide: The New Normal.

The challenges begin with a need to move forward in an as yet uncertain environment: Are we over the worst? Will there be new surges? Will they be more or less serious?

These challenges remain tied to the immediate priorities, which include:

  • How do I recover and relaunch my business?

  • How do I influence the decisions that will be taken (political, economic and social) and on which the immediate future of my sector and my company will depend?

  • How do I balance the investment of my resources between returning to my best habits and implementing the changes required by the new context?

  • How do I finance this effort at such a critical time?

  • How do I reorganize and keep my team motivated and aligned?

Generally speaking, every organization needs to regain and build the trust of the people on whom their projects depend and whose priorities have changed (employees, clients, investors, players in my value chain, authorities, institutions, etc.) within a scenario where we must reinvent the way we establish and grow relationships.

In particular, organizations must reflect on how to harness the reinvention to reposition their companies based on their purpose, demonstrating genuine leadership and responding to the demand for companies to play and maintain an active and committed citizenship role.

Leaders who have anticipated and understood that communication (in this case, storydoing) is the main tool for stimulating trust are harnessing the opportunities of this new context.

Anticipate, Embrace The New Normal.
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