How to harness data to improve decision-making in communication, marketing and public affairs?

Take key strategic decisions based on data and alongside a task force of experts and analysts.

Past experience and intuition are as necessary as ever but have proven themselves insufficient for successfully dealing with an ongoing context of unprecedented situations. The huge analytical capabilities to be gained from the vast amounts of data stemming from digitalized interactions between companies and brands and their stakeholders represent the tool at the heart of the data-driven decision-making paradigm of a world in constant exponential acceleration.

Control dashboards and other data visualization panels are omnipresent nowadays but are not enough on their own to identify, discover and anticipate the strongest trends and insights. Enabling ourselves to decipher the fundamental keys that will allow contexts to be clearly interpreted for correct decision-making in the design of successful strategies that can make a difference will require moving beyond these tools and delving much deeper into the data.

With our work in technology consultancy alongside the various specialties, LLYC has developed a method that we successfully apply to the situations brought to us by our clients.


How do I interpret data to define and move forward in designing my strategy?

Communities, territories, influencers and connectors are the aspects that must be examined for functional diagnosis when designing my company’s strategy.

To what degree has a certain event had a relevant impact on my company?

A forensic analysis of the causes leading to a certain event in terms of the communities involved, fundamental players and evolution over time up to the present day is key to understanding this.

How can data help me define my long-term strategy?

Exploring territories, revealing relationship scenarios that lead to future events and identifying stakeholders with a decisive role can help leaders in their decision-making processes.

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