Anticipation Is Our Responsibility

"A Task Force is available in each of our operations to offer solutions, using the technology, experience, proactivity and proximity of our senior team"

The actions being taken to combat the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic are causing a wave of disruption in our societies. Businesses, institutions and citizens are being forced to adapt to scenarios they never considered before, including new ways of working, connecting with clients and managing internal relationships. Uncertainty regarding the possible consequences is high, and organizations must begin rethinking their short-term response strategies to minimize this situation’s long-term impact.

In this context, it is essential to carefully analyze all variables before making decisions, including when and how to act.

At LLYC, we have experience preparing strategies to confront similar situations, and we are leveraging that now. Today, we are working on COVID-19 protocols for many clients from our offices around the world. They are from all different sectors, including tourism, airline, retail, food, finance, professional services, pharmaceuticals and automotive, among others, but they are all suffering from the diverse consequences of this pandemic.

At the same time, we are advancing solutions to restore damaged citizen trust in companies and institutions once the crisis is overcome.

The current situation requires urgent action from all of us. That is why we at LLYC have created solutions that can be immediately implemented to help companies manage their decision-making and implementation processes at these critical moments in their journeys.


What decisions have governments made, and how do they affect us?

Carefully monitor government plans and adopted measures in the countries in which we operate. Provide clients with up-to-date information to aid them in institutional coordination efforts with public authorities and manage their own business decisions.

How do we keep our team active and connected?

Design and implement internal communication plans for companies and their teams regarding the scenarios they are facing. This can include communicating support for teleworking teams, situations requiring temporary layoffs due to slowed or halted activity, casualties resulting from the pandemic and more.

What are the largest brands doing?

Monitor major brands’ reactions to the pandemic to help the companies relying on us for their crisis responses develop concrete plans addressing the challenges facing them, their customers and their value chains.

How can Big Data support my decisions?

Monitor conversations and changes in influence during the crisis using our Data Analytics platform, carried out in collaboration with our Big Data and Artificial Intelligence partners. This ensures we can best advise clients on how to manage their communications.

How do I face the most immediate challenges?

Monitor for developments and create action plans to support clients’ decision-making throughout the pandemic, with a focus on how it affects stakeholders. Train client spokespeople and implement previously-developed contingency plans to respond to the situations experienced in each of their functions.

How can I leverage my digital strengths and creativity?

In all these areas, we accompany our analysis, activity design and implementation with digital techniques and resources, leveraging our team’s creativity and graphic design abilities to produce all necessary content.
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