Entrepreneurship, innovation and international expansion

Since the firm was set up in 1995, it has been characterized by three main attributes: entrepreneurship,nternational expansion and innovation.

Entrepreneurship is inextricably linked to firm’s history – as its very existence stems from a collaboration between two professional entrepreneurs – and is reflected in our commitment to overcome the challenges posed to us by the market (opening new markets, growth and development of our business model) and in the partnership model we have set up that allows the firm’s professionals to be both stakeholders and decision makers in the business.

Closely related to that entrepreneurial spirit is international expansion; another of our fundamental pillars that, over the last years, has led to our number of offices growing, with a corresponding increase in the number of employees.

170310_infografia_desarrollando ideas_ENG_medida

At the firm, we also place special emphasis on innovation – the third major attribute of the company. This stems from our awareness of the need to incorporate, develop and create processes and procedures for ongoing improvement on the one hand, and products and solutions on the other, capable of fully responding to the needs of our clients and the market.

Thus, at LLORENTE & CUENCA we particularly endeavor to develop new fields of specialty and new solutions, products and tools for meeting the needs of our clients.

This effort is reflected in Developing Ideas, our Thought Leadership Unit, has become a benchmark center for relevant knowledge and independent thinking among key opinion leaders in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Over the coming years, we will maintain our commitment to growth based on international expansion, entrepreneurship, innovation and specialization.