Rewrite the history of the mining sector through trust management.

After more than two decades of advising mining projects throughout Latin America, LLYC has found the answers to the sector's key challenges. Many of them have been cultivated by creating a focus on building solid and trusting relationships with stakeholders through assertive communication.

The mining industry is usually in the eye of the storm, as it tends to be the subject of much scrutiny and criticism, leading to reputational crises. There are a lot of possibilities as to why this is but, in mining, we have found a common denominator: lack of trust.

Communities, governments, NGOs, opinion leaders, and societies often base their perception of the sector on myths and falsehoods. They tend to grasp onto mistakes that were made in the past and stigmatized the industry, generating discredit and a widespread negative reputation. The sector can be quite traditional and is not usually characterized by open communication about the fundamental values that its activity provides to society, and most importantly, by transmitting that it is possible to carry out modern mining responsibly.

Although the path is not easy, in this context of uncertainty and risk, it is essential to understand and mobilize the most effective ways of communicating direct messages, based on data and analysis, that allow balancing open conversations, in which the concept of modern, responsible mining is the priority.

In addition, the mining sector must promote transparency, consolidate relationships with regulators in terms of natural resource protection policies, plans to adapt to the regulatory environment, and work meticulously to build pro-mining communities based on the development of common interest.

The strategies for this purpose are based on the creation of long-term value and trust. They must be based on the expectations of the stakeholders throughout the entire life of a mining project, from exploration to closure, so that it can operate sustainably and respectfully with the environment and the surrounding communities.

Thanks to their specialized knowledge and experience, LLYC professionals have achieved results based on the discovery of a pertinent need for this sector: to rewrite the history of modern and responsible mining as a catalyst for a sustainable future.


Barrick Pueblo Viejo
Elevar Resources

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