Privacy Policy on Social media listening

Privacy Policy on Social media listening

LLYC analyzes public discourse exclusively on social networks, media and other publicly accessible sources to study the opinions and reactions of our customers on issues of general and particular public interest so we can provide them with more robust advice. We do this by analyzing aggregated data on trends and individualizing the most prominent users leading them.

What information do we process?

Personal and non-personal data made expressly public by the users themselves. We apply privacy by design (data protection is an integral part of our analysis process) and minimization techniques.

We suppress identifiers and only re-identify the most prominent users. In such cases, we process identifying and contact information posted, if any, on the profile (bio, user name, title/position) and the posted content (posting date, author, information on the scope, sentiment on the topic in question, or responses or interactions from other users).

How do we process your data?

Our processing is legitimized through our legitimate corporate interests and the legitimate interests of our customers (providing our advice, knowing and listening to social conversations; and participating, promoting and reporting on them) in consideration of the legitimate expectations of users and implementing measures to limit and protect their rights and interests.

We study the aggregated opinions, sentiments and profiling data provided by the source platforms to which we bring our own added value (cross-cutting and advanced expertise of our team).

Our mix of third-party technology, proprietary developments and the expertise of our innovation team provides unique value in the interpretation and recontextualization of garnered information.

In accordance with our Code of Conduct, LLYC does not engage in smear or harassment campaigns or in business dealings that we consider unethical: conclusions, recommendations or guidelines drawn from our projects are never used to the detriment of our stakeholders.

Data transfers

Personal data may occasionally be disclosed to our customers, subject to a case-by-case assessment of the legitimate expectations of the data subject, and the prior application of appropriate safeguards and specific control and transparency measures.

We use US service providers, with whom we have entered into standard contractual clauses (2021) in accordance with art. 46.2.c) GDPR.

Personal information will be processed for the time strictly necessary to complete the project and then blocked for secure deletion, or anonymized. Deliverables to customers containing personal information are retained for a period of five years.

How to request more information or object to this processing?

You may contact us to request more information on this subject, or to exercise your rights to access, rectification, limitation of processing, and opposition, by sending a request to the following e-mail address:

You may also contact the competent data protection authority to report breaches and seek the enforcement of your rights.