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Legal information on Cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small compressed text files that let us save data specifically related to the user’s device for the duration of the visit to our site.

Administration of cookies

Most of the time, you can access a site even if you have deactivated or rejected the use of cookies in the browser.

Browsers usually allow users to deactivate the use of cookies or to limit them to specific web pages, or offer a setting to alert the user when a cookie is inserted. They can also be deleted from the computer’s hard drive at any time (filename: “cookies”).

Remember that in these cases there will usually be limitations on the presentation of the web page and the user interface.

The settings of nearly all browsers offer some degree of control of most cookies.

For further information on cookies installed in your computer and how to administer and delete them, click the link that corresponds to your browser:

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Further information here: All about cookies.

Specific information on Cookies used by this website.

Cookies help us to determine how often our sites are visited, and by how many users.

For example: We use technical cookies for web analysis to calculate the number of visitors to our webpages and the pages and sections of our site, their interactions, the duration of their visits, and their points of entry and exit, in order to improve our contents and their capacity of engagement.

Cookies are used to measure the success or engagement of each section of our site, and to recognize users upon access to offer them personalized content and prepare individual profiles for their online activities.

For example, we use advertising and behavioral cookies to create specific user profiles by observing their behavior and browsing habits at the site, in order to offer them content and suggest material based on their interests and preferences.

Cookies table

The following table contains detailed information on all the cookies used:

  • pk_id.[Idsubscription].[UserCode]
    • Domain:,,,
    • Description / Purpose: Collects information on user’s browsing habits (webs visited, visit duration, etc.) and IP (location, type of IP and device, browser, etc.)
    • Proveedor: Markitude SL
    • Caducidad: 2 years.
  • _pk_ses.[Idsubscription].[UserCode]
    • Domain:,,,
    • Description / Purpose: Maintain session to link pages.
    • Proveedor: Markitude SL
    • Caducidad: 30 minutes.


Modification of cookies policy

We recommend that you have a look at our cookies policy whenever you connect to our site. LLORENTE Y CUENCA reserves the right to modify the contents of the policy.

In any event, LLORENTE Y CUENCA will inform its users by notification or by announcement of the new contents and the date of modification of the present terms.

Last revision: February 2019