CHINA part of LLYC

CHINA part of LLYC
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CHINA part of LLYC

Office – Madrid, Spain

CHINA part of LLYC is the independent advertising agency founded in 2010 by Marta Aguirrezabal, Rafa Antón and Pedro Calderón. It has formed part of LLYC since 2021.

CHINA’s proposal is very simple: “Do work that solves problems, that sells. And that is well done.” It was the most awarded creative agency at Eficacia 2020 and the independent Spanish agency with the most awards (10 soles) at Sol 2021, achieving fifth position in the global ranking of award-winning agencies at this festival. In addition, CHINA also won the Grand National Prize for Creativity c of c 2019, Grand Prize PR El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2020 (where it was also the third most recognized independent agency) and Grand Prize for Transformational Creativity El Sol 2021, being the most awarded independent agency at the festival with 9 more soles.

Our work in Madrid

Through a team of 20 people, its work repeatedly places it in the “top 3” of the most creative “indie” agencies in Spain (Direct Marketing) and as the fourth best rated agency in Spain by clients (Scopen). Also according to Scopen, CHINA is number 3 among the best independent agencies to work for, while its creative director, Rafa Antón, is one of the three professionals most admired by advertisers and creative agency professionals.

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