“European Affairs” is proof of LLYC’s commitment to expanding its range of services across Europe. The European Union is an increasingly relevant actor, given its legislative and investment capacity. Most of the laws approved at the national level are the result of a European decision and a relevant part of public investment also comes from the community budget. 

Companies and organizations operating across Europe are helping to build the great European project. They can and should play a leading role, and not simply act as executors when formulating public policies. 

The social listening, political intelligence, regulatory monitoring, corporate positioning and strategic advice services rolled out across the European Union by LLYC’s European Affairs Department help clients achieve a better understanding of the European environment and to position themselves successfully within an increasingly complex scenario.

Our activity in Brussels

European Affairs provides advice to important national and international companies and organizations across the entire public policy development and implementation cycle in different sectors, such as industry, defense or healthcare. 

We help others understand the European context better, thanks to our team, who has been trained on and has experience in the European and global sphere. We support informed and constructive dialogue between the private sector and European decision-makers, thanks to our proven expertise in public and global affairs. And we roll out flagship initiatives and defend legitimate interests through communication, advocacy and positioning actions.

All with the added benefit of our unique ability to offer coordinated end-to-end strategies in Latin America, the US, Spain, Portugal and Europe and Asia, together with our partner, FGS Global

Support for public-private investment

Through its Next Generation EU unit, European Affairs provides advice to leading national companies and organizations in the mobilization of European funds to promote their participation in today’s profound economic and social transformation processes, paying special attention to the double green and digital transition.

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