A firm of senior professionals.

Our management team has experience in a wide variety of areas, ranging from journalism, communications, politics, financial services, marketing, technology, diplomacy, start-ups and non-profit organizations.
In the day-to-day running of our business, this variety of profiles and viewpoints allows us to expand the set of possible solutions we offer to our clients’ challenges. And with decades of experience developing strategies for top organizations in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, our management team has unparalleled knowledge and experience in a wide variety of sectors. This allows us to offer better and more powerful solutions to meet the demands of our clients.

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José Antonio Llorente
José Antonio Llorente
Founding Partner and Chairman
Alejandro Romero
Alejandro Romero
Partner and CEO Americas
Luisa García
Luisa García
Partner and Regional Managing Director
Enrique González
Enrique González
Partner and CFO
Arturo Pinedo
Arturo Pinedo
Partner and Regional Managing Director
Adolfo Corujo
Adolfo Corujo
Partner and Chief Strategy Officer
José Luis Di Girolamo
José Luis Di Girolamo
Partner and CFO Americas
Javier Rosado
Javier Rosado
Partner and Managing Director of the North Region
María Cura
María Cura
Partner and Managing Director Barcelona
Joan Navarro
Joan Navarro
Partner and Vice President of Public Affairs
Amalio Moratalla
Amalio Moratalla
Partner and Senior Director of Sport and Business Strategy
Juan Cuesta
Juan Cuesta
Financial Partner
Richard Broche
Richard Broche
Financial Partner
Goyo Panadero
Goyo Panadero
Partner and Chief Talent and Innovation Officer
Erich de la Fuente
Erich de la Fuente
Partner and Chairman United States
Luis Miguel Peña
Luis Miguel Peña
Partner and Managing Director Andean Region
María Esteve
María Esteve
Partner and Managing Director Colombia
Tiago Vidal
Tiago Vidal
Partner and Managing Director Portugal
Iván Pino
Iván Pino
Partner and Senior Director
Óscar Iniesta
Óscar Iniesta
Partner and Managing Director

Our high-level experts.

Our Advisory Board is composed of professionals of recognized prestige in their areas of expertise and in the markets where we operate. This network of high-level advisors advises our management team and senior professionals on the identification of trends and potential scenario changes that may impact our clients' results.

For any matter related to the Advisory Board, you can contact:
Chairman of the Advisory Board
  • Argentina.
  • Brasil.
  • Chile.
  • Colombia.
  • Ecuador.
  • España.
  • Panamá.
  • Perú.
  • Portugal.
  • República Dominicana.
Roberto Brandt
Energy expert and former General Manager of Metrogas
Luis Secco
Financial advisor and the Director and Editor of [email protected] Económicas
Silvia Torres Carbonell
Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at IAE Business School
Hernán Maurette
Expert in communications and public relations
Marcelo Dumanjó
Investor and shareholder of the telecommunications company VMD SRL
Juan María Segura
President of the Conference on Education and Economic Development
Adela Sáenz Cabia
Director of Red Communia
Miguel Maxwell
Deputy Minister of Information Technology for the city of Buenos Aires’ Department of Justice and Security
Lalo Zanoni
Editor-in-chief of Forbes Argentina
Eduardo Iglesias
CEO of the insurance company Colon and E-Colon
Jorge Arguello
President of the Embajada Abierta foundation and a member of the Argentine Council on International Relations (CARI)
Paulo Henrique Rocha
Founder and Managing Partner of Base Capital Partners
Celso Marcos Vieira de Souza
Brazilian Ambassador
Regis Arslanian
Brazilian Ambassador
Vlamir Domic
Company Executive and Advisor
José Luis Parra Arias
Corporate Manager of Netpag. Former Operations’ Manager and Managing Editor of the daily paper El Mercurio
Francisco Aylwin
Fernando Barrera
Former Information and Press Secretary of the President of the Republic’s Office
Mauricio Toro
Former Chairman of AFP Protección
Álvaro Cadavid
Former Partner of Spencer Stuart and Financial Times Representative in Colombia
Martín Gustavo Ibarra
Honorary chairman of the Executive Board of the Americas Free Trade Zones Association (AZFA). Partner and Chairman of Araújo Ibarra & Asociados
Juan Carlos Restrepo Piedrahita
President of Board
Pablo Zambrano
Vice-President of the Chamber of Industry and Production
Carme Artigas
CEO of Synergic Partners, Telefónica
José Manuel Velasco
Chairman of the Global Alliance
Albert Montagut
Journalist and Communications Consultant. Bertelsmann and FC Barcelona
Joan Roca i Sagarra
Executive Chairman of Roca Junyent
Juan Ignacio Apoita
President of IT & People. Member of the Advisory Board of the Foundation Human Age Institute
Jesús Casado Navarro-Rubio
Secretary General of European Family Businesses
Ramón de Miguel Egea
Spanish Ambassador. President advisor at Iberdrola. State Secretary for Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs
Constantino Méndez
Former Secretary of State for Defence, Managing Director of the Social Institute of the Merchant Navy and the National Social Security Institute
Manuel Carreras Fisas
Chairman of the Sport Cultura Barcelona Association
José Antonio Zarzalejos
Former Editor of daily newspapers ABC and El Correo de Bilbao, journalist and regular contributor to various media channels
Alberto Carbajo Josa
Former Director-General of Mining and Construction Industries of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of Spain
Melchor Miralles
Former Director of El Mundo TV, journalist, regular contributor to various media.
Helena Herrero
President and Managing Director of HP in Spain and Portugal
Ainhoa Grandes
President of the Fundación Macba
Manuel Pimentel
Former Minister for Employment and Social Affairs of the Spanish Government
Antonio Fournier
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Lola Bardají Galvez
Associate dean Law School ESADE. Director of the joint degree on Law & Global Governance
Francisco Álvarez de Soto
Managing director of ALVES & Co. ABOGADOS. Ex-chancellor of the Republic of Panama and Ex-vice Minister of International Trade Negotiations
Pedro José de Zavala
CEO Circus Grey Peru
Luis Bustamante
Chief executive at the Association for the Progress of Management in Peru
Sandro Fuentes
Partner at Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados
Ricardo Briceño
Chairman of the Board at Agrícola Don Ricardo
Alberto Rebaza
Founding and managing partner of the firm Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas Abogados
Federico Cuneo
Partner and Chief of Amrop Peru, Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador. Member of Amrop’s Global Executive Board and Amrop Americas Vice Chair
Óscar Caipo
Main partner of KPMG Peru
Carmen Rosa Graham
Business administrator
María Jesús Hume
Chairwoman of the Board AFP Integra. Chairwoman of Lazard Peru
Ricardo Vega Llona
President of OHL Group Peru
Humberto Zogbi
Chairman of Advisory Board in Peru
Conceição Zagalo
Founding member of GRACE
Paulo Portas
Vice-President of Portugal’s Confederation of Commerce and Industry
Fernando Neves de Almeida
Founder of the consulting firm Neves de Almeida
Campos de Moya
Vice-President for Institutional Communications and Relations at INICIA
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