LLORENTE & CUENCA commenced its operations in Cuba at the beginning of 2016, as the first international firm to provide consultancy services in institutional relations associated with the establishment and development of foreign investment, creating value for our clients in a highly complex political and social scenario, but at the same time one with strong economic growth and business opportunities.

LLORENTE & CUENCA thus adds to its extensive network of offices in Latin America, providing any international enterprises interested in setting up business in Cuba with specialized services of business intelligence, identification of opportunities, identification of counterparties among the Cuban authorities and enterprises, preparation of social, economic and sector reports and preliminary viability reports on investment and/or commercial projects, financing studies and training and negotiation services in the management of investment projects, accompanying clients to help them establish adequate relations with the necessary Cuban authorities and thus ensure the best possible management of their investment and/or commercial projects.

Pau Solanilla, Managing Director of the operation in Cuba, has a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Organization, post-graduate in Foreign Trade and International Business Management and a lengthy track record in the internationalization of companies, public affairs and negotiations in international and multi-cultural environments. He speaks English, French and Italian and worked in Brussels from 1999 to 2005 at the European Parliament delegation for Central America and Cuba.

Solanilla heads a multi-discipline team of advisers working in the principal markets with interests in Cuba (Spain, United States, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Brazil) and collaboration agreements with local entities on the island.


  • Accurate information on the evolution of the social, political and electoral context affecting or which may affect business decisions.
  • Advance information on regulatory risks deriving from regulatory and legislative processes.
  • Qualified training for executives in negotiation, and to assist identification and ensure a correct understanding of social and political contexts, legislative processes and regulatory risks.
  • Information on the key public players and their significant positions affecting clients’ business (Influence maps).
  • Corporate discourse tailored to the social and political contexts in which the company operates (Institutional storytelling).
  • Adequate political and institutional relations plan to heighten the company’s importance in public spheres.
  • Adequate alliance-building plan to promote and defend common strategic or sectorial interests.
  • Qualified training for executives in institutional relations and the negotiation of investment and /or commercial processes.


  • Business intelligence and identification of opportunities.
  • Identification of counterparties among Cuban authorities and companies.
  • Preparation of social, economic and sector reports and preliminary viability reports on investment and/or commercial projects.
  • Study of national and international public sources of financing.
  • Information on regulatory risks for the different sectors of economic activity.
  • Qualified training programs for executives in the negotiation within investment project management and institutional relations.
  • Influence Maps, identifying key players and their positions regarding the company’s issues.
  • Building up corporate storytelling adapted to the institutional position of the company.
  • Design and development of political and institutional relations plans and building of significant alliances to defend the company’s positions.

Contact details:

Joan Navarro
Partner and Vice President of Public Affairs
[email protected]

Lagasca, 88 – planta 3
28001 Madrid (España)
Tel.: +34 915637722

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