The story of how we managed to mobilize the whole country over an invisible problem while advertising the social work of the BBK Foundation.


A project that introduced the loneliness of the elderly into the media, political and social agenda.

Its results exceeded any previous BBK communication campaign – the second largest foundation in Spain – improving the brand perception by 7 percentage points and social concern for the elderly by more than 6 points.

A success story – acclaimed by the communication, creativity and marketing industry.

The project has won more than 50 national and international awards, including the most prestigious in the communication, marketing and advertising sector.

55 national and international awards

BBK challenged us to show its social contribution through a campaign to raise awareness, capable of mobilizing media and social chatter.

We sought to tackle a forgotten reality, daring to talk about the problem head-on

Nora Sarasola, Director of Social Work at BBK
Everything started with the creation of a hyper-realistic sculpture given over to “the last person to die alone”

We realized that the unwanted loneliness of the elderly was only newsworthy when an elderly person dies at home alone.

Together with Rubén Orozco – one of the best hyper-realism sculptors in the world – we decided to create a sculpture in memory of Mercedes – the last woman to die alone.

And without announcing what was behind the action, we placed the sculpture on a bench in one of the most popular parks in Bilbao.
Then... everyone started to wonder,
“Who is this mysterious woman?”
The stir caused by the iconic sculpture flooded
the media and the social platforms.
And suddenly, we unveiled the real message behind it: “Mercedes is alive!”
Not being able to chat, to smile, to touch… Loneliness is the worst thing possible. It is a living death
BBK explained its intention to raise awareness and announced its programs to tackle this problem

Two days after it was put up, the media were called to a press briefing: Mercedes was presented to the media and helped us convey all the projects that BBK had set in motion to tackle this problem, along with its importance.

All the action was caught on a video clip published online,
which included statements by Mercedes and how her experiences inspired the sculptor to create the work.

There was not only a surge in chatter… many people decided to act

The boost given to raise awareness of the problem ignited the media and the social platforms. The brand found itself at the heart of conversation and Mercedes became a symbol of the fight against unwanted loneliness. The number of volunteers at the foundation soared by 45%.

+20 M
+83 M
+€4 M
A success that shows how communicating in a novel fashion is key to generating social dialogue that forges relevance
Creativity at the service of the goals of communication was one of the keys to the media and social repercussions of the campaign. A risky idea that, together with the work on structuring rigorous dialogue, contributed to multiply the impact and efficacy of the project.
Powerful, provocative and striking. It makes people reflect and talk, provoking a change in the lives of people, of politics, and most importantly, in the life of Mercedes.
I feel that there is no greater success for us as a foundation than managing to not just raise awareness but mobilize a whole society regarding such a sensitive issue as the loneliness of our senior citizens
Xabier Sagredo, President of BBK