Talent Engagement

How to turn talent into fans of companies.

The Internet has revolutionized the world of communication and multiplied the amount of opportunities and threats to the reputation of companies, institutions, brands and people.We live in a digitalized world, where interest groups’ information consumption habits have changed, where the main way to access information and knowledge is through the Internet.Designing a financial, corporate, institutional, internal, marketing and public affairs reputation strategy without understanding the digital world and without using it conveniently —either as a source of information or as a transmitting channel to influence the perception of stakeholders— is an almost certain way for business projects to fail.


  • Employer engagement
  • Employer branding
  • Creation of corporate culture
  • Attracting market talent
  • Generation of employees’ commitment, involvement and feeling of belonging
  • Reputation building as an employer brand
  • Internal Communication Management
  • Creation of Intranet
  • Design and development of content for executive conventions, annual conventions and employee-centered events
  • Creation of internal blog and content development
  • Support for attracting and retaining talent
  • Strategies for improving positioning in standardized classifications (for example, Best Place to Work)


Social Intranet

Creation of conversation spaces within the corporate environment with three content areas -utility, visibility and entertainment- and their strategy of dynamization and use.

Employer Branding

Visibility plan on the good practices of an employer in three areas: rankings, awards and opinion leaders.


  • Employee communication management analysis
  • Technical and functional analysis of internal channels
  • Development internal communication content and materials
  • Creation of communication and conversation channels (traditional and digital channels)
  • Event design for current and potential employees
  • Employer Branding: visibility plan of an employer's best practices in three areas: rankings, awards and opinion leaders.
  • Internal communications satisfaction analysis
  • Media relations with HR-focused publications
  • Visibility plan of an employer's best practices in three areas: rankings, awards and opinion leaders
  • Preparation of nominations for awards



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