Talent Engagement

Better connect with your talent

In the Talent Engagement Area, we specialize in promoting communication strategies aimed at attracting new profiles or improving performance by our existing team, thereby encouraging the changes necessary in our organizations. To do so, we design listening-based action plans supported by conversations and implemented through content and experiences that boost confidence in professionals and build a purpose-focused culture. We do this with unifying stories that put professionals and their expectations at the center of the issue and harness creativity to break down attention barriers.


  • To improve commitment and the sense of belonging in professionals at an organization.
  • To transform professionals into ambassadors of the company.
  • To boost talent attraction capabilities
  • To better connect talent with business targets.
  • To foster internal transformation processes.
  • To streamline internal communication content and processes in order to boost confidence in professionals.


Employee experience

We help you to understand the motivations that drive your talent, anticipating concerns, discovering their moments of truth and acting on them to improve commitment.

Employer branding

We define your positioning and story as employer branding and stimulate it through content and experiences that can increase your ability to attract new talent.

Emblematic story

We improve engagement with your existing talent by creating emblematic story projects that can accompany your transformation projects and support their success.

Employee advocacy

We help you to develop ambassador networks that can increase the volume of your corporate messages and increase access to new professionals while improving engagement with your existing talent.


  • Employee experience and internal communication planning and audits.
  • Internal engagement experiences and content programs.
  • Internal brand ambassador stimulation, activation and training.
  • Employee stimulus programs.
  • Internal story definition and stimulation.

Contact an LLYC expert.

Senior Director of Talent Engagement
María Obispo
+34 91 563 77 22
Managing Director Portugal
Marlene Gaspar
+351 91 252 17 84
Managing Director Dominican Republic
Republica Dominicana
Iban Campo
+1 809 6161975
Director of Talent Engagement
Jon Pérez Urbelz
+51 1222 9491
Managing Director Colombia
Alejandra Aljure
+57 1 743 8000
Partner and Managing Director Ecuador
Carlos Llanos
+593 2 256 5820
Managing Director Argentina
María Eugenia Vargas
+54 11555 60700
Managing Director Chile
Marcos Sepúlveda
+56 22 207 3200
Engagement Director at LLYC Mexico
Aisha Hamud Campos
(Español) +52 55 1355 4226
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