Stakeholders Management

Integrally manage the challenges in relation to your stakeholders.

We know that the main challenge facing our clients is in creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. We have a team of specialists in corporate positioning and leadership that will accompany you in improving these relations with stakeholders. We identify the risks and opportunities that affect the company deriving from its good or bad reputation and we build solutions based on integrating stakeholder expectations within the business strategy, with a narrative adapted to the interests of each stakeholder and a proposal for the strategic management of relations.


  • To see and prioritize shifting social expectations.
  • To anticipate and measure reputation risks and opportunities.
  • (Re)define the purpose and activate it in dialogue with stakeholders.
  • Position senior management to achieve integrating, responsible leadership that anticipates.
  • Protect the organization’s legitimacy from critical matters and seek sustainable differentiation in the market through corporate reputation.



Our Reputation Relevance methodology makes a profound diagnosis of reputation based on the concerns and expectations of stakeholders and allows us to develop reputation plans based on 5 key beliefs that affect confidence: image, credibility, transparency, integrity and contribution. Our model to measure reputation has been statistically validated by more than 80,000 cases in 14 sectors of activity in 11 countries.


We integrate the management of reputation risks in the system of global risks of your company. We have developed a methodology that has a response perspective to the supervisor, aligned with COSO that allows risks to be identified and classified based on public expectations, along with an economic evaluation of reputation risks.


A purpose grants or extends the social license to operate and clearly expresses why and to what end a company exists along with its contribution to society, but it must be shared by the stakeholders. To achieve that, our model is based on defining the purpose by listening and through dialogue, using technology and research (storybeing), the creation of formative narratives (storytelling) and activation plans with a multi-stakeholder roadmap and systems of measurement indicators (storydoing).


Compliance, not just with legal obligations, but also with voluntary commitments, is a demand from the different stakeholders that the company engages with. At LLYC, we are committed to the design and implementation of integral Compliance Management Systems that are tailored to each organization, along with the evaluation and improvement of existing systems, the training of the Board and executives and the raising of internal awareness to achieve a culture of integrity and compliance.


  • Mapping, stakeholder expectations and beliefs
  • Diagnosis of reputation
  • Reputation strategy
  • CEO positioning
  • Identification and evaluation of reputation risks
  • Reputation surveys
  • Definition and activation of multi-stakeholder purpose
  • Compliance Management Systems
  • Dashboard and intangible KPIs

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