CSR and Corporate Foundations

Comprehensively manage challenges in the relationship with your stakeholders.

Companies' relationships with their stakeholders are no longer a compartmentalized activity. Increasingly, stakeholder management is integral and transversal, and must therefore take into account all the people and groups that can be impacted by the company and vice versa. Having a comprehensive vision, a plan of action consistent with the purpose, with a story tailored to the interests of each and with a strategic management of relationships, allows companies to gain ground and prepare for upcoming challenges. Harmoniously managing these elements will be the key to giving the company a solid, credible and reliable reputation.


  • CSR communications that share and inform the company's target audiences about its social and environmental involvement
  • Design of CSR strategies: strategic plans, reorganization of CSR projects and resource optimization
  • Definition of strategies for Corporate Foundations
  • Creation of company, social and private foundation
  • Ad-hoc social projects focused on the company's target audiences: young people, the elderly, women, etc.
  • CSR Memory


  • Comprehensive Audit
  • Benchmarks
  • Positioning strategies
  • Corporate Narrative


Bertelsmann and Sanitas
Bertelsmann and Sanitas

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