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Companies face a complex and unpredictable investment landscape, one increasingly affected by the global distribution of capital, omnipresence of information and abundance of channels available to facilitate its transmission. Confronted with this situation, an insufficiently prepared company may be reduced to a mere spectator while its environment decides its destination in the market. Against this backdrop, we work to help listed companies share clear and compelling value propositions through presentations and messages tailored to each financial community stakeholder, offering concrete recommendations to help them build stronger relationships with analysts, investors and financial media. To accomplish this, coordination and alignment with all company communications shared with stakeholders is key.


Market Presentations

In a post-MIFID reality, transparency and communications become an essential element of Investor Relations strategies. The messages entities share must respond to the market's informational needs, showcasing both the theory behind an investment and the company's most relevant data. Likewise, how we send out information is fundamental to guaranteeing the creation of truely long-term engagement. LLYC assists entities in their market presentations, either in presenting relevant information (Strategic Plan, quarterly report presentations, corporate operations, etc.) or accessing analysts or institutional investors through an Equity Story. We offer creative proposals, studying analog and digital formats to offer our clients alternatives that help them understand the information presented. Interactive presentations, videos, infographics and digital tools serve to complement even the most strategic presentations, acting as a tool to highlight the entity's investment reasoning.

Corporate Access

In a post-MIFID II environment, it is necessary to remain active and visible in the market through investor conferences, investment forums, road shows or any other type of encounter with the financial community that reinforces company image. Close, transparent communications and accessibility of the organization's senior executives are essential elements for an investor relations strategy. We help clients identify the best opportunities to relate and interact with the market according to their sectors and visibility needs. We organize national and international road shows to guarantee access to the right investors, then help clients approach both sell-side and buy-side analysts. We aid companies in designing their Investor Days and structuring their messages and appearances. The more time spent on quality messages and well-prepared spokespeople, the greater the company's credibility in the market.

Non-financial Information

Increasing regulations, the investment community's focus on this issue and pressure from activist funds all place non-financial information in the spotlight. From now on, listed companies must report non-financial information in a manner integrated with the rest of their business. We help companies seamlessly combine this information through Integrated Reports or Equity Stories on sustainability and corporate governance. We prepare Non-Financial Information Statements and provide strategic advisory to help clients develop Strategic Sustainability Plans, as well as access Sustainability Indices. This provides a good opportunity to lead communications and access a large number of specialized investors.

Minority Engagement

Over the years, listed companies have sought different methods to manage relationships with minority shareholders. Years ago, communications between listed companies and their minority shareholders was relegated to the background, but today, these same companies seek to interact with their shareholders in a manner that facilitates a much broader relationship. LLYC helps listed companies to manage their relationship with minority shareholders, aligning efforts with the organisation's messages to achieve genuine, long-term engagement with target communities. We help clients segment their minority base, then create a specific relationship strategy for each group. We promote face-to-face meetings and two-way communications with minorities through advisory committees, road shows, shareholder days and more, integrating measurement and digital tools into our services. Knowing minority interests, as well as their needs and concerns, is crucial to being able to respond to them.

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