Manages communications to protect reputation during judicial processes.

Reputation is a value that becomes particularly vulnerable when affected by litigation. Companies, individuals, institutions, societies... they must all defend themselves against the threats to their image spread by the media, public opinion, investors, shareholders or any other interest group. Nowadays, it is essential to have a communications strategy in parallel with a legal strategy that is capable of managing trials which influence both the procedure itself and the reputation of those affected, regardless of whether the sentence is favorable or not.


  • Communication to stakeholders of the company's position regarding a legal issue
  • Protection of reputation against fraud or tax crime
  • Protection of reputation in the event of shareholder litigation
  • Protection of reputation in the event of a civil lawsuit or criminal complaint
  • Protection of reputation in the event of an out-of-court settlement, a statement in court or a judgment or decision of any court
  • Protection of reputation in the event of a consumer complaint
  • Protection of reputation in the event of a labor dispute
  • Support in the management of the opening of files of the National Commission on Markets and Competition


  • Planning and communications strategy
  • Spokesperson media training
  • Media relations
  • Active listening in digital environments
  • Follow-up and informative alerts
  • Progress reports and situation analyses
  • Development of materials: chronology, narrative, questions and answers, etc.
  • Technical annexes and summaries (expert reports, lawsuits, complaints, etc.)
  • Accompaniment in judicial appointments


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Senior Director of Reputational Issues and Risks
Luis González
+34 91 563 77 22 (ext. 2267)
Litigation Director
Alba García
+34 91 563 77 22
Partner, Managing Director Southern Region and Managing Director Argentina
Mariano Vila
+54 11 5556 0700
Senior Director of the Crisis and Risks area
Margorieth Tejeira
+507 206 5238
Partner and Managing Director Portugal
Tiago Vidal
+351 21 923 97 00
Chairman US
Estados Unidos
Erich de la Fuente
+1 786 590 1000
Managing Director Dominican Republic
Republica Dominicana
Iban Campo
+1 809 6161975
Partner, Managing Director Andean Region
María Esteve
Partner and Chief Talent Officer
Luis Miguel Peña
+51 1 222 9491
Managing Director Ecuador
Carlos Llanos
+593 2 256 5820
Partner and Managing Director Brazil
Cleber Martins
+55 11 3060 3390
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