Inbound Marketing

Turns digital experience into a way to attract and gain clients loyalty.

With a multidisciplinary team centered on Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Funnel Strategy, Customer & User Experience, Content & Platform Management, Social & Influencer Media and Marketing Automation, we are able to deploy strategies focused on: memberships in affinity communities and groups, traffic generation, lead conversion, capturing opportunities and clients, loyalty, engagement and recommendations based on brand, service and product attraction.Following LLYC's many years of experience in generating valuable content and building its clients' reputation in the Inbound Marketing area, we introduced Digital Marketing and Customer Experience techniques to combine the best of both worlds in terms of Communication, thereby offering a more unique solution.


  • Lack of activation and traffic generation for the website or platform
  • Adherence communities or clubs with little traffic or presence
  • Increased Churn or Rebound Rate
  • Lack of loyalty due to a shortage of digital interactions
  • "Flat" Digital Experience without a memorable "wow" factor


  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content & Blog Posting
  • Marketing Automation
  • SEO & SEM Strategy
  • Social Media & Influencers
  • Leads Generation
  • Leads Nurturing
  • Leads Scoring


Aliseda Inmobiliaria

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Partner and Senior Director
Iván Pino
+34 91 563 77 22
Director of the Consumer Engagement and Digital areas
Marlene Gaspar
+351 91 252 17 84
Senior Director of the Digital area
Carmen Gardier
+51 1 2229491
Manager of the Digital area
Diego Olavarría
+55 11 3060 3390
Director of the Digital area
Giuliana Venutolo
+507 206 5200
Director of the Consumer Engagement and Digital areas
Alejandro Martinez
+54 11 5556 0742
Director of International Business Development
Estados Unidos
Gerard Guiu
+1 917 6782941
16 Sep 2020

IDEAS+: Fourth post-digital communication challenge: from...

Nobody paid anyone for any campaign. Nor was there any press release. There were no organizations behind it. Not even a well-known “influencer.” There was only an everyday client...
19 Jun 2020


In March 2020, brands across the globe fell silent. When brands did put out messaging, due either to inertia or carelessness, the effect was stilted. It was as if...
16 Apr 2020

From anticipating crisis to revealing opportunities

During these weeks of confinement due to COVID-19, social media and messaging apps have been overflowing with interactions while brands have been trying to find their own voice. Amid...
27 Feb 2020

From social responsibility to corporate activism

Imagine for a moment that you’re Nike’s communications director. Imagine it’s May 22, 2019. You’ve been given a heads up that The New York Times has published some less...

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