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If “embracing disruption” is LLYC’s invitation to our clients, we should not stop helping them acquire the skills necessary to do so. With this purpose in mind, we have created this field of specialization to train executives, known as ‘Executive’. We offer executive programs based on the same values as our firm is recognized for: professionalism, experience, confidence and innovation:
  • Professionalism: these sessions are given in the same professional environment in which our consultants work with leading companies and institutions in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.
  • Experience: the content is based on the experiences of our consultants, clients and collaborators, sharing a vocation for service for its immediate practical application.
  • Confidence: the dynamics are designed to protect and cultivate an environment of confidence in which differences are respected, meeting points sought and learning valued, above all else.
  • Innovation: the aims are challenging and ambitious. They seek to develop professional skills that go beyond the conventional, anticipating and innovating: embracing disruption.


  • Reskilling: Acquisition of hard skills in technology and innovation for Communication, Marketing and Public Affairs teams.
  • Upskilling: Reinforcing soft skills in leadership and communication for management teams and directors.



In the open editions, participants can sign up privately to any of the three annual editions, one per four-month period, of the programs announced.


The tailored editions of executive programs are designed in response to the specific training needs of the teams at the company that opts for this solution.


  • DATA DRIVEN. Data-driven Marketing and Communication Management. How to formulate and implement performance, reputation and influence strategies based on the ethical and sound exploitation of the data available.
  • ESG. Management of Environmental, Social and Relational Capital in Sustainable Companies. How to introduce sustainability policies while maximizing the commitment of the different stakeholders and minimizing the reputational risks, such as those associated with greenwashing and goodwashing.
  • AGILE. Agile Management of Communication and Marketing Plans. How to apply agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, OKR, Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Growth Marketing) to boost creativity, innovation and continuous improvements in a collaborative fashion.
  • MOT | Executive Communication Skills at Moments of Truth. How to successfully resolve those moments when an executive risks both his credibility and his influence by employing his communication skills.
  • (Español) PUBLIC AFFAIRS. Programa Ejecutivo de Asuntos Públicos.Cómo entender el entorno social y político para implementar estrategias de éxito en los negocios, anticipando los riesgos, influyendo y aprovechando las oportunidades generadas en contextos de alta incertidumbre.


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