European Affairs

Specialized knowledge and European institutional liaising to promote key strategic interests at a global level.

In a time of radical European transformation, the consequences for companies are far from negligible. Committed to a strong push for the green and digital transition, European institutions are increasingly shaping Member States' legislation and public investment.

Against this backdrop of flux, public-private partnerships have become essential. The European Union's legislative and investment activity increasingly responds to the interaction between private and public interests, making companies and citizens central actors in the process of designing European public policies.

Operating in 16 countries and in partnership with FGS Global, LLYC's European Affairs team stays ahead of the challenges companies face in the European regulatory and institutional environment to advance their strategic interests, foster public-private collaboration and coordinate their regulatory advocacy strategy at a global level in Latin America, the USA and Europe.


Our clients need

  • An understanding of the context in which European public policies are designed.
  • An ability to anticipate political and regulatory risks originating from European institutions.
  • Influence in European regulatory and financial processes relevant to their business.
  • Fostered public-private partnerships at EU and global levels.

European Affairs offers

  • Leadership in engaging in dialogue with European institutions.
  • Proven experience in anticipating political and regulatory risks, liaising with public decision-makers and promoting public-private partnerships at a European level.
  • Access to a network of experts in Europe, Latin America and the USA for global coordination and end-to-end support of our clients’ regulatory strategy.



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Senior Director European Affairs and Next Generation EU
Principal Advisor European Affairs
23 May 2023

The Relationship between Mercosur and the European Union

After more than two decades since negotiations began, a new window of opportunity is now open for the agreement between the European Union and Mercosur to be ratified. Thus,...
13 Apr 2023

Different Life-altering Realities: The Global Post-Pandem...

In recent years, mental health has become increasingly prominent in discussions surrounding public health as the rates of mental health disorders have increased considerably. The World Health Organization (WHO)...
29 Mar 2023


TikTok already has more than 1 billion users worldwide, and it took half the time as Facebook to reach the same milestone. The Chinese app accomplished this by introducing...
14 Mar 2023

In Search of Investor Interest: Keys for uncertain times

Listed companies in Iberia and Latin America assume that another year of uncertainty awaits them in 2023. First there was the pandemic. Now it is problems such as rising...

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