Creative Studio

Creation, development and expression of Connected Brands

At Creative Studio, we see the brand as the best tool a company has to tell people its own story, the why and the what for of its value proposal.

To achieve this, it is important for our brand to have a well-defined identity, which conveys the purpose and the value of the company both internally and externally, which connects with our stakeholders and which inspires and aligns our professionals to position ourselves in the market and grow in a sustainable manner.

Our team is made up of branding and audio-visual content professionals that integrate the strategy, the narrative and the design throughout the creative process. Based on business targets we can address all the phases of branding and the production of branded content to help our customers grow and develop connected and expressive brands.

We connect the brand with communication

Our job is to tell stories. We create and produce branded content in any format, based on listening, creativity and understanding; from the creation of brand films to micro-content for the social media, from factsheets and motion graphics to digital and editorial design we can fuel the different contact points to generate engagement with each one of our stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, the media, etc.) and the pride of belonging in our professionals, who are the company’s main ambassadors.

We work directly with the CEO and the management team of the company, offering advice and development the content necessary for their positioning strategy, providing different solutions to their way of communicating. Our recording studio in the center of Madrid allows us to resolve any of their filming needs, develop thought leadership audio-visual projects, make statements through streaming or host virtual events.


  • Optimize your brand communication efforts to better reach your stakeholders.
  • Create or revise your brand identity to strengthen your positioning and differentiate.
  • Enhance the expressivity of your brand, generating relevant content through emotion and entertainment.
  • Create and develop design solutions at contact points with consumers to increase conversion.
  • Activate the purpose of your brand through design and content.
  • Improve the positioning of the CEO and of others who head up the company, showing new facets of your leadership through new formats.
  • Strengthen the pride in belonging of your company professionals, retain talent and improve your employer brand.
  • Innovate in corporate communication through our formats based on creativity, design and audio-visual production.


Connected Branding

We create and implement branding solutions tied into experience and communication, by creating differentiation, value and loyalty towards the brand. MORE INFO

Brand design and implementation

We believe in the strategic role of design to resolve challenges facing companies. We create visual brand identities (logotypes and graphic universe), develop them and implement them at all contact points of the brand and with users. We offer editorial design, signaling, advertising, etc. for all type of environment and format.

Branded audio-visual content

We are experts in audio-visual narrative applied to companies. From the original concept to the delivery of the final piece, we develop brand content of all types, from fueling social media to production spots and large format brand films.

Corporative graphic design

We apply graphic design to corporate communication through visual content that simplify and represent specialized or complex corporate information, guaranteeing its understanding through creativity. We use data visualization techniques and factsheets, UX/UI digital design for web pages, memes and editorial design in their applications (results, brand books, annual reports, etc.).

Recording studio

We are specialists in the conceptualization and production of content to support individual and organizational leadership, accompanying executives in their positioning by showing their different facets to their public of interest, through emotional, informative and relational content. Our production studio in the center of Madrid allows us to offer TV services, chroma recordings and streaming broadcasts that complement our work in other localizations.

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Creative Studio Director
Bárbara Ruiz
+34 91 438 42 95
Manager of the Creative Studio
Bárbara Guillén
+34 91 438 42 95
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