Creative Studio

Creation, Development and Expression of Connected Brands

We help our clients develop brands that transmit the company’s strategy to effectively and creatively convey its message both within and beyond the organization itself in order to achieve business goals and grow sustainably. With that in mind, we create and manage brands that have a tangible impact on the market and pervade society.To achieve this, we have a team of experts that combine their knowledge of branding, strategy, design and development of content from a perspective of integrated and comprehensive brand management.


  • To create or evolve your brand identity by responding to business goals and insights from your stakeholders.
  • To build or strengthen your brand positioning in order to stand out from the competition and engage with your audiences.
  • To effectively and creatively break down your brand DNA and company purpose into communication actions for correct implementation.
  • To generate relevant content through emotion and entertainment, guaranteeing brand consistency and coherence.
  • To create and evolve design solutions, content and commercial tools to increase brand expressiveness and engage with its audiences.
  • To create employer branding to attract and retain talent and to improve a sense of belonging.


Connected Brand Diagnosis

We assess whether the brand is expressing its brand identity, purpose and values properly at all points of contact with its various stakeholders, and we define suitable actions to achieve that.

Creative Strategy

We create and implement strategic branding models linked to experience and communication to create brand distinctiveness, value and loyalty.


We create visual identities, undertake brand restyling and design offline and online graphical tools that will provide brand expressiveness and coherence in order to attract the attention and interest of its target audiences.

Branded Content

We are experts in narrative applied to companies. We use storytelling to develop and produce brand content that engages with your target communities through memorable audiovisual pieces that seek memorability, impact and the generation of positive emotions about the brand.


  • Branding diagnosis and workshops
  • Brand creation and repositioning
  • Brand verbal and visual identity creation and evolution
  • Brand architecture and portfolio management
  • Design and implementation of all assets
  • Commercial tool reaction
  • EditorialInfographics and data visualization
  • Narrative and content scripting
  • Audiovisual production

Contact an LLYC expert.

Partner and Executive Manager Creative Studio
Ana Folgueira
+34 91 438 42 95
Manager of the Creative Studio area
Bárbara Guillén
+34 91 438 42 95
Design Manager
Noemí Folgueira
+34 91 438 42 95
Branding and Strategy Manager
Bárbara Ruiz
+34 91 438 42 95
8 Jul 2020

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