ESG and Sustainability

Integrate social and environmental expectations in your business.

Sustainability is no longer a voluntary option. It is a driver of the transformation of businesses that receives increasingly more investment and significant regulatory pressure. Sustainability and ESG criteria are at the very heart of economic, political and business decisions and of social expectations. We are all called to action and this is the only way to increase the social license to operate and to enhance reputation.But many companies are not receiving the recognition and expected return from their commitment to ESG. Communication and transparent dialogue with stakeholders are the keys.At LLYC, we are experts in aligning the business strategy with ESG criteria and giving it life through dialogue and communication that generate a genuine connection to attract consumers/clients, attract investors, attract and retain talent and attract allies and forge a good relationship with regulators.At LLYC, we understand the reputational dimension of ESG demands and their impact on the different stakeholders as a key factor in the value proposal of organizations, and we work with a multidisciplinary team (experts in sustainability, risks, public and financial affairs, talent, etc.) that applies technology and stands out in both its strategy and its activation and accompaniment.


  • Appreciate stakeholder expectations of ESG.

  • Internal acquisition of ESG strategy.

  • Board needs to understand its own role and define the gobernance of the function.

  • Align expectations and experiences by incorporating ESG criteria policies and plans in the business

  • Generate and boost internal culture.

  • ESG positioning minimizes risks and maximizes the confidence of my stakeholders.

  • ESG financing: guarantee permanence of investors in the capital and prevent shareholder activism.

  • Communication and transparency: Dialogue and dynamism to enhance the reputation and recommendation in key stakeholders.


  • Materiality study.
  • ESG audit based on reference standards.
  • ESG diagnosis: listen to ESG criteria by sector/company to identify the sentiment and demands of each stakeholder in terms of SDG, ecological transition and human rights.
  • Intelligence reports and ESG trends.
  • Design of roadmap to incorporate sustainability in the company.
  • Sustainability and ESG skills for Management Committees and Boards.
  • Purpose.
  • ESG risk management.
  • Culture and pride of membership.
  • Advice on investment in ESG.
  • Multi-stakeholder dialogue platforms.
  • Sustainability reports.
  • Definition of strategies for corporate foundations and project management.


Bertelsmann and Sanitas
Bertelsmann and Sanitas

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