We turn digital experiences into results for business.

LLYC's Digital area promotes transforming digital projects for its clients with data intelligence to tangible results.With a holistic vision and a transverse deployment, we successfully combine reputation goals with business objectives, and marketing techniques with communication methods.


  • We help CEO’s with digital transformation strategies for the company by activating short term winning projects that involve different areas and allies of the organization
  • We assist the CCO in protecting and promoting a company's reputation on social media by applying advanced methods of listening, content and digital interaction
  • We contribute to the success of the CMO in attracting and retaining clients for products and services, through combined techniques of inbound marketing, brand advocacy and customer experience
  • We collaborate with the CHRO in building an employer brand in digital environments, with effective talent engagement and employee advocacy initiatives
  • We advise CFO’s in strengthening and broadening their relationships with shareholders using digital channels, especially in critical contexts of financial operations and strategic events



Development and organization of a brand journalism platform for the transformation of brands into direct communication media channels for customers, employees and other stakeholders.


Assistance in building digital identities for managers, employees or collaborators in order to create brand ambassadors that improve employment and promote company reputation.


Configuration and implementation of an active listening system on social networks for the prevention of reputational risks, the identification of opportunities for differentiation, and real time treatment of communication alerts.

Brand Community

Design and management of inbound marketing projects aimed at attracting and retaining a community of brand advocates among customers, employees and other stakeholders.


  • Design and preparation of digital strategies to overcome business and reputation challenges
  • Use of listening, analytics and automation to maximize user conversion through digital content and interactions
  • Content production and dissemination to drive traffic and attract followers across digital assets and channels
  • Internal and external influencer interaction and relationship management to promote positive conversation on social networks


Graña y Montero Group
Graña y Montero Group

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Partner and Senior Director
Iván Pino
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Director of the Consumer Engagement and Digital areas
Marlene Gaspar
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Senior Director of the Digital area
Carmen Gardier
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Senior Director of the Digital Area
Coco Medina
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Manager of the Digital area
Diego Olavarría
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Director of the Digital area
Giuliana Venutolo
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Director of the Consumer Engagement and Digital areas
Alejandro Martinez
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Managing Director Dominican Republic
Republica Dominicana
Iban Campo
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Director of International Business Development
Estados Unidos
Gerard Guiu
+1 917 6782941
19 Jun 2020


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