Sport and Business strategy

Capture the passion of sports through a leisurely experience of technological innovation.

Like today's society, sports are in a state of permanent transition. Recently, more and more citizens have transitioned from passive fans to active sport enthusiasts, for example. Sports can be seen in almost everything that happens in the daily environment of our personal and professional lives, this includes health, leisure, relationships, fashion, tourism, social inclusion etc. This is why, besides being a permanent transmission belt of values and messages, that sports are a business. It requires research, innovation, training, and for this it is necessary that companies and collaborating friends who join the movement, travel together to the next decade that, without a doubt, will have a marked sporting character with the new technologies as protagonists of an unstoppable evolution. Those who are really close to the sport will be reinforced, not only in their business strategy, but also in their personal and professional lives, as individuals, groups and companies.


  • Ensure that sports sponsorships converge with the companies' strategic lines of business
  • Access celebrities in the world of sports for the prescription and dynamization of HR teams and other company groups
  • Create and strengthen links with all the entities that make up the world of sports: companies, organizations, sportsmen and women, the media, etc.
  • Detect and take advantage of transversal opportunities that sports and its values provide to the projects of companies and entities
  • Develop sports marketing and communication plans that fit into companies' business strategies


  • Bidirectional definition of strategies around sports aligned with company challenges
  • Construction and/or reformulation of the corporate narrative linked to sports in order to adapt it to the strategic lines of business
  • Identification of the most suitable territories for positioning companies in sports. Definition and execution of action plan, and communication plan
  • Relationships with the world of sports and its main stakeholders: companies, organizations, athletes, media, etc...
  • Establishment of collaboration/sponsorship relationships with sports entities or athletes to reinforce joint strategies
  • Detection and use of transversal opportunities that sports provide to company projects
  • Development of ad hoc sports projects aligned with the objectives of companies and the needs of their target audiences
  • Activation of sponsorship agreements for external and internal communications
  • Proactive management of reputation and personal brands for all stakeholders in the world of sports
  • Definition of work engagement plans for employees and other business stakeholders with the valuable contribution of celebrities from the world of sports


Contact an LLYC expert.

Partner and Senior Director of Sport and Business Strategy
Amalio Moratalla
+34 91 563 77 22 (ext. 2219)
Director of the Sport and Business Strategy area
Ana Ibero
+34 91 563 77 22 (Ext. 2221)
Partner and Managing Director
Tiago Vidal
+351 21 923 97 00
Partner and Chairman United States
Estados Unidos
Erich de la Fuente
+1 786 590 1000
Managing Director
Juan Arteaga
+52 55 52571084
Managing Director
Manuel Domínguez
+507 2065200
Managing Director
Republica Dominicana
Iban Campo
+1 809 6161975
Partner and Managing Director
María Esteve
Partner and Regional Managing Director
Luis Miguel Peña
+51 1 222 9491
Managing Director Ecuador
Carlos Llanos
+593 2 256 5820
Managing Director
Mariano Vila
+54 11 5556 0700
Partner and Managing Director
Cleber Martins
+55 11 3060 3390
Director of LLYC Chile
Néstor Leal
+5622 207 3200
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