Crisis and Risks

Anticipate risks to protect your most precious asset: reputation.

We help anticipate, monitor and react to the risks and crises that might threaten the reputation and social license of your business operations. Any and all business activity is exposed to potential crises, the challenge is to control the process, and convey that the company knows how to address the problem. It's not easy, though. In a world where information flows at great speed and through a variety of channels; what is important is not only reality, but also the perception of that reality. This is why our mission is to identify latent and emerging risks, minimize the vulnerability of companies, monitor risks, and prepare to act in the event that any of them become a reality. Additionally, we generate effective, global, fast and innovative responses to contain crises.


  • Management of corporate insolvencies
  • Crisis management in social networks
  • Product recall management
  • Corporate crisis management
  • Management of labor conflicts
  • Training and coaching of spokespersons and managers
  • Identification and monitoring of potential risks
  • Development of crisis prevention protocols


Risk Kit

Identification of potential and emerging business risks that may affect a company from a communication standpoint, as well as anticipated protocols for interventions and monitoring for every possible scenario. This includes preparing senior management teams in how to respond to a crisis.

Alert Kit

Anticipation of threats with a risk analysis on social networks, as well as the identification, evaluation and follow-up of detected threats.

Rescue Team

Crisis management with innovative tools and platforms and a multidisciplinary team with 24-hour multi-market coordination.


  • Risk auditing
  • Risk Map
  • Crisis Manuals
  • Cybermanual
  • Crisis management
  • Training Spokespersons
  • Crisis Drills
  • Allied Management
  • Ambassador - Employees
  • Traditional Media Monitoring
  • Online Crisis Monitoring



Personalized service that detects, assesses and monitors in real time the threats to reputation in the media and social networks, advising on the best way to deal with them.


Storytelling monitoring and positioning analysis. A tool and method geared to the territories of conversation and mapping of communities of persons influential in the social media.

Dark Site

Landing page made up of a series of tools and previously prepared digital contents, which remain hidden. They allow the incident to be reported quickly.

Issue Blog

Online blog designed to manage an issue that affects a company.

SOS Works

A platform to facilitate communication between people (chat client) with numerous functionalities, SOS Works facilitates management via mobile, web and digital tablet, in addition to automating risk processes through chatbots Use of a chatbot minimizes risks inherent to the human factor, as someone could forget to execute relevant actions in the midst of a stressful crisis.


Comprehensive programme for emergency management, citizen protection and relations with local communities. It is based on the need to renew the social license, improve the quality of information and go further in the application of regulations.


Latam Airlines and BHAirport

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Partner and Senior Director of Crisis and Risks
Iván Pino
+34 91 563 77 22
Talent Acquisition Leader Europa
Luis González
+34 91 563 77 22 (ext. 2267)
Director of the Corporate Communications and Crisis and Risks areas
Eva Pedrol
+34 93 217 22 17
Crisis Communications Director
Pedro Coll
+34 91 563 77 22
Partner and Talent Acquisition Leader
Mariano Vila
+54 11 5556 0700
Estados Unidos
Juan Felipe Muñoz
Director of the Crisis and Risks area
Pilar Torres
+52 55 5257 1084
Director of the Crisis and Risks area
Yennyfer Freyre
+51 1 222 9491
Public Affairs and Crisis Director
Maria Eça
+ 351 916 551 239
Managing Director Dominican Republic
Republica Dominicana
Iban Campo
+1 809 6161975
Stakeholders Management Director
Andrea Suárez
6 Oct 2021


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