Economic Context

Economic intelligence for making decisions.

Successful business strategies require companies and organizations to understand not only the characteristics of their economic and competitive environments, but also their social and political realities. They must equip themselves with the capacity to anticipate risks and take advantage of opportunities in highly uncertain contexts. LLYC complements its national and international consulting and risk analysis services with an economic analysis service that provides its best clients with a tailored second opinion on the relevant economic context when making business decisions.


  • Economic analysis and forecasting
  • Study services
  • Advisory and management team training
  • Positioning for client interests in public debate

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Senior Advisor of Economic Context
Román Escolano
+34 91 563 77 22
Partner and Vice President of Public Affairs
Joan Navarro
+34 91 563 77 22
25 Feb 2019

Challenge: Radical Transparency

Radical Transparency, developed by LLYC’s Thought Leadership Unit, covers and analyzes the importance of transparency in today’s era – where it is necessary to communicate with consistency, auth...
19 Feb 2019

Global trends for a year of collective challenges

The beginning of a new year always encourages us to reflect on the future – a period obviously influenced by the previous one. As such, 2018 was not an...
4 Feb 2019

Discovering Guaidó: the man of persistence

Fundamentals Contrary to the repeated assertion in the media that a stroke of luck, or an accident placed Juan Guaidó Márquez at the very heart of the events in...
3 Dec 2018

Influence Groups in the New Government of López Obrador

This year, over 40 countries held elections to choose their heads of state. Several developments have affected the perception and realities of democracies across the globe. Mexico’s recent elect...

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