Consumer Engagement

Connect with your consumers through unique stories.

At Consumer Engagement, we are specialists in working with you to write stand-out stories for your brand in order to engage with customers in different territories through creativity connected to your purpose and to promote conversation strategies (PR and influence) that impact on society. We combine marketing with communication to build relevance, generate notoriety and enhance engagement, thereby underpinning your brand’s reputation and boosting your business.


  • To build or evolve your brand strategy in one or more conversation territories
  • To develop creative campaigns that activate your brand’s purpose in society
  • To improve the perception of trust in your brand from consumers
  • To develop branded content strategies that build relevance and interest in your brand
  • To raise awareness about your brand in one or more markets
  • To anticipate the main trends that might represent a risk or opportunity for your business and/or brand
  • To make product and/or service launches a success
  • To build conversation strategies by combining Brand PR, influence marketing and content generation
  • To innovate in order to improve the experience of your customers or anticipate business challenges
  • To increase the number of customers attracted by your business, and their loyalty


Emblematic stories

This builds relevance in the brand for consumers through a stand-out story in one or more conversation territories by combining strategic planning, creativity, entertainment, Brand PR and influence marketing techniques.

Trend Spotting

Get ahead and spot the trends that will define future challenges for your brand in various areas (sustainability, diversity, consumer habits, etc.) by combining Big Data processing techniques, working with expert sources and consumer research.

Consumer Challenge

Anticipate consumer challenges with tangible and actionable results through internal innovation processes based on gamification and challenge resolution.

Customer Relations

Improve customer attraction and loyalty ratios through relationship improvement and trust-building plans that use branding, experience personalization, advocacy and thought leadership techniques.

Consumer Trust

Improve the perception of trust from your consumers in your brand by building stories based on transparency, credibility and ethics, using entertainment, Brand PR, influence marketing and direct actions with consumers to do so.


  • Market research
  • Brand planning
  • Brand territory consultancy
  • Campaign creativity
  • Branded Content
  • Brand PR
  • Influence marketing
  • Integrated marketing


Coca Cola
Coca Cola

Contact an LLYC expert.

Partner and Senior Director Consumer Engagement
David González Natal
+34 91 563 77 22
Director of the Consumer Engagement and Digital areas
Marlene Gaspar
+351 91 252 17 84
Estados Unidos
Carlos Correcha-Price
+1 786 5901000
Director of the Consumer Engagement area
Hugo Valdez
+52 (55) 4909 0836
Manager of the Consumer Engagement Area
Guillermo Tejada
+507 206 5222
Managing Director Dominican Republic
Republica Dominicana
Iban Campo
+1 809 6161975
Director of Talent Engagement
Jon Pérez Urbelz
+51 1222 9491
Director of the Consumer Engagement area
Alejandra Aljure
+57 1 743 8000
Managing Director Ecuador
Carlos Llanos
+593 2 256 5820
Director of the Consumer Engagement Area
Daniela Augusto
(Español) +55 11 3060 3390
Director of the Consumer Engagement and Digital areas
Alejandro Martinez
+54 11 5556 0742
Managing Director Chile
Marcos Sepúlveda
(Español) +56 22 207 3200
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