Consumer Engagement

Connect with your consumers through unique stories.

In Consumer Engagement we specialize in developing unique stories that bring coherence to your brand, activating it in different territories through entertainment content and conversation strategies that promote loyalty and consumer recommendation. What's the point?
  • Improve differential positioning by building your brand’s identity through differential stories in conversation territories.
  • Multiply engagement by promoting stories that provide value and entertainment to consumers.
  • Generate brand awareness by combining different communication formats at the service of great stories to multiply the impact at all points of contact.


  • Brand Diagnosis
  • Build and manage brand identity
  • Establish co-branding programs
  • Develop emblematic stories in strategic territories
  • Improve your consumers' perception of trust
  • Communicate repositioning of the brand
  • Develop creative campaigns that connect with society
  • Launch new products or services
  • Increase content engagement
  • Generate more impact and notoriety with the brand stories


Emblematic stories

We help you discover the ideal conversation territories to connect with consumers and promote emblematic stories that generate value and credibility, in three phases: analysis phase (analysis of competition and online conversation, story building workshop and story planning, and finally, the action plan and deployment of the project through content and strategies.

Branded entertainment

Your consumers' attention span will improve when you understand what content they like and how they consume it. We build transmedia content projects where different storytelling and entertainment techniques intersect to improve the engagement of your brand. We also produce audiovisual content such as brand films, webseries, interactive content, and experiential content.

Brand PR

Your brand needs to bet on a solution that offers more than the traditional press office, it needs storytelling. We work with insights and differential stories that connect with opinion leaders and influencers, and combine content generation with experiences that multiply notoriety.

Connected branding

We conceptualize, design, and develop brands. We see branding as a reflexive and aesthetic process, a mixture of creative impulse, talent, and experience that connect with a community and create emblematic branding. Because of this, we run a diagnosis to detect external and internal needs, insights, market research, brand auditing, etc. We create a strategic and creative brand base for your verbal and visual identity, and then implement it with unique experiences, design systems and publications.

Consumer Trust

A transmedia solution focused on improving consumer confidence in companies. Trust is the key asset of consumer relationships, which is why we use analysis, innovative content, third-party conversation momentum and measurements to help you drive programs that improve the dimensions of transparency, integrity and credibility.


  • Brand Diagnosis
  • Brand Measurement
  • Design thinking
  • Customer Experience
  • Insights
  • Brand strategy design
  • Visual identity design
  • Story Consulting
  • Competition Benchmarks
  • Campaign Creativity
  • Integrated marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Development of communication materials
  • Design systems (editorial, advertising, pictograms, illustration, etc.)


Confidence reports

Consumer confidence perception reports.

Storybuilding Workshops

Work session with management teams to align the strategy in territories and discover new ideas.

Brand Films

Tell brand stories through an emblematic film.


Several sequential stories for Youtube.


Uses gaming techniques to improve consumer participation.


Turn your stories and narratives into phygital events, merging the physical and digital worlds to create unique experiences.

Immersive content

Use VR and augmented reality tools to tell stories, giving consumers a real "WOW!" moment.

Interactive videos

Tell stories consumers can participate in according to their own interests.


Analyze online conversations, identifying communities (including influencers), topics and connection opportunities.


Coca Cola
Coca Cola

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