Public Affairs

Senior consultants for dialogue with public authorities.

Successful business strategies require companies and organizations to understand not only the characteristics of their economic and competitive environment, but also their social and political environment. Companies must have the ability to anticipate risks and take advantage of the opportunities generated by contexts of high uncertainty.LLYC's team of consultants and public affairs analysts, with presence in 16 countries in Europe, Latin America and the USA, offer their clients senior expertise to defend their interests, and establish a correct dialogue with public authorities, always based on loyal, stable, and fluid relationships.


Our clients need

  • Understanding the political, economic and regulatory context that may impact business.
  • Anticipate market risks.
  • Influence processes relevant to your business.

LLYC offers

  • Specialists in institutional relations, corporate diplomacy and lobbying.
  • Experienced in identifying political, economic and regulatory risks.
  • Present in 16 countries in Europe, Latin America and the United States, LLYC has the capacity to aid clients throughout the process.


Consultancy in institutional relations and corporate diplomacy

Our consultants are senior specialists in institutional positioning and corporate diplomacy. They identify problems that may affect a company according to its social, political and financial context and then build solutions to defend its position, providing relational and organizational value.

Economic Analysis

To support more accurate decision making, LLYC complements its risk analysis and consulting services with an economic analysis service: a personalized service that facilitates decision making for companies and organizations.


LLYC offers clients an exclusive channel for high-level analysis from a large and multifaceted team of specialists.


Political Intelligence Service (political due diligence)

Our political intelligence analysts offer clients political risk and opportunity monitoring in either the sectors in which they operate or a specific asset, including legislative initiatives, sector debates, public information and private interviews. In addition, we use political due diligence to help anticipate the impacts of political activity on client operations and investments.

Country Risk Intelligence Service (Europe, Latin America and the United States)

LLYC's Country Risk Intelligence Service offers a comprehensive overview of possible political and economic risks that could occur during the evolution of client business, including a local and regional perspectove. This is available for markets in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, as well as European institutions.


Lobbying and representation of interests

LLYC offers lobbying consultancy services to establish an efficient dialogue in the political sphere, always based on loyal, stable, fluid, and transparent relations with public authorities. We also offer direct representation of interests before Public Administrations for clients who do not have designated teams or divisions.

IRM (Institutional Relationship Management)

IRM is a consulting service and management software in a single, comprehensive solution. It specializes in the anticipation and systematization for the management of institutional relations. IRM gives instant access to all institutional and political relational memory of a company or organization through the mapping of key players associated to relevant issues.

Corporate Grassroots

LLYC collaborates with Lincoln Strategy Group, an American consulting firm specializing in political and corporate grassroots campaigns, to provide a 360º view of an organization's political advocacy potential. This collaboration also involves other areas of LLYC expertise, such as digital, in-bound, corporate, reputation and crisis management.

Contact an LLYC expert.

Partner and Vice President of Public Affairs
Joan Navarro
+34 91 563 77 22
Senior Advisor of Economic Context
Román Escolano
+34 91 563 77 22
Senior Director of Public Affairs
Carmen Muñoz
+34 91 563 77 22 (ext. 2237)
Director of Intelligence at Public Affairs
Cristóbal Herrera
+34 91 563 77 22 (ext. 2243)
Director of Public Affairs
Carlos Ruiz Mateos
+351 21 923 97 00
Managing Director
Rogelio Blanco
+52 55 52571084
Managing Director
Mariano Vila
+54 11 5556 0700
Nicole Sternsdorff
+56 22 207 3200
Senior Director of Public Affairs
Juan Rivadeneira
+593 2 256 5820
Partner and Chairman United States
Estados Unidos
Erich de la Fuente
+1 786 590 1000
Partner and Managing Director
Tiago Vidal
+351 21 923 97 00
Partner and Regional Managing Director
Luis Miguel Peña
+51 1 222 9491
Managing Director
Republica Dominicana
Iban Campo
+1 809 6161975
Senior Director of the Public Affairs area
Luz Ángela Sánchez
+57 1 743 8000
Senior Director of Advocacy and Strategic Communications
Thyago Mathias
+55 21 3797 6400
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Antonio Fournier
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