A real opportunity

The motivation driving the professionals unquestionably helps leads to successful results. Professional development is one of the chief factors in driving this motivation. As part of the corporate’s HR growth policy and also as one of the strengths underpinning the Talent Program developed by the Human Resources department, we offer our consultants the opportunity to develop an international career that is designed according to their professional interests and expectations.

Over the course of a recent year, over 50 professionals have developed an international career within the company. The offices with the highest number of ex-pats are Panama, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, followed by Spain, the Dominican Republic and Brazil. Some of them, such as Alejandro Romero, Luisa García and José Carlos Antón – all Spanish – have remained in the region for more than 10 years.

The ability to work in other countries and integrate into other cultures with a different social, political and business reality provides global experience and an international perspective that helps our consultants grow both personally and professionally.