Identifying the type of talent we need and engaging it in uncertain times

We are witnessing a shift in the relationship between companies and their professionals. Companies no longer choose people; instead, people choose companies. Employees and job candidates are now more demanding and inquisitive, and they behave similarly to clients, consumers, or citizens. Because of this, attracting talent is becoming a problem for many organizations’ medium-term sustainability.

Hiring the right professionals is key to transforming companies in an evolving world, and building a solid company brand can help. To do this and overcome this looming challenge, HR teams must incorporate skills similar to those found in communications and marketing.

LLYC solutions

  • Brand diagnosis. Analyze and audit the company to uncover employee motivations and concerns, then connect them with the organization’s brand and attributes.
  • Company storytelling. Define a simple and inspiring company brand story based on the insights of its ideal employees and differential attributes. Beyond being able to grab attention, this story should inspire talent and transform the relationship they have with the company.
  • Employer branding. Understand jobseekers and structure new relationship experiences with them through ambitious action plans based on in-depth talent knowledge. These kinds of flagship campaigns should combine mid- to long-term credibility with content, as well as mix relationships with the company’s unique differentiators.
  • Talent engagement. Create people-centered action plans that focus on company professionals. They should not only be acquainted with the company’s initiatives, but truly feel like they are a part of them. Internal communication, marketing, and advocacy techniques can help businesses connect with employee needs and promote their own transformations.
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