Developing leaders that can help organizations grow

How do leaders help companies grow? Which CEOs engage? A leader who makes their organization grow is one who can always find opportunities. This is more than instinct; it requires listening and analysis, as well as a commitment to the team and a spirit that prioritizes people. Here, the concept of “team” focuses on people, who need to be developed and worked with to build joint success. All of this must take place within the framework of a story that’s authentic, credible, and consistent both inside and outside the company.

To face this challenge head on, we must analyze corporate leadership models and conduct an in-depth internal and external perception analysis. Only then can companies successfully embark on a cultural transformation process, ultimately culminating in social leadership initiatives that can better position themselves and their main executives.

LLYC solutions

  • Leadership model diagnosis. Determine your organization’s and main executives’ leadership models by combining diagnosis techniques and tools ranging from AI and analytics, to employee listening and business climate surveys, to personalized interviews and media audits.
  • Cultural transformation. To support both organizations and their leaders, design and execute cultural transformation projects to strengthen the alignment, commitment, and connection between the business and its professionals.
  • Social leadership. Use digital positioning solutions to help company executives establish and maintain their personal brands on- and offline, providing them with the strategy, methodology, training, and resources to succeed. When an executive commits to the process, these projects can directly impact their name recognition, reputation, relationships, and sales.
  • Executive trainings. Expert-led trainings on a wide variety of topics, including leadership, data intelligence, new management methodologies, entrepreneurship, communication, and influence, help equip executives with the skills they need to lead.
14 Mar 2023

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