Taking advantage of complex times to improve competitive positioning

Companies and organizations are forced to coexist in an increasingly complex environment, and the only constants are change and uncertainty. This pushes businesses to work in a constant state of adaptation and adjustment, meaning they must improve their competitive positioning while also defending their bottom lines. This requires not only a carefully devised roadmap, but also the ability to anticipate future situations to make the unpredictable predictable.

Our response to this challenge is to develop solutions that allow our clients to work on the front lines of change and take advantage of uncertainty. At a time when society expects companies to champion certain values and ideologies, we must incorporate change into our DNA.

LLYC solutions

  • Attribution models, which help us understand how strategies work and which levers to pull to impact customer decision making.
  • Connected brands, using branding, brand positioning strategies, and brand stories based on social listening models developed using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to fuel conversations on company products or services.
  • Unique stories, differentiating companies by engaging in conversations around specific topics or trends and connecting creativity with brand purpose.
  • Creative, engaging, and entertaining branded content.
  • Results tracking, measuring the marketing strategies fundamental to a company’s earnings and continuing to refine the overall strategy.
14 Mar 2023

In Search of Investor Interest: Keys for uncertain times

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1 Mar 2023


Women’s presences in the media, from their images to their prominence in news stories, have long been the subject of research in universities and newsrooms. The consensus of many...
23 Feb 2023


Our current global context is unpredictable. Companies are increasingly compelled to navigate uncharted waters. Between a somewhat inauspicious macroeconomic context and increasingly polarized, discriminating, an...
16 Feb 2023

Democracy or Populism? 2023 Trends in Public Affairs

Lobbying has always been used to drive and change a country’s public policy, with interest groups using it to influence public policies from outside the public sector. One of...

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