Adjusting marketing strategies without losing impact

In periods of crisis and uncertainty, companies often choose to cut their marketing budgets. An analysis of this approach, however, reveals that companies maintaining or even increasing their marketing budgets enjoy greater commercial success in both the short (1 year) and medium (2 years) terms.

LLYC solutions

  • Investment outcome measurement, helping achieve balance between the short and medium terms.
  • Intelligence systems that provide a true understanding of what impacts consumer purchasing decisions and help clearly identify improvement areas.
  • Targeted, personalized marketing, carried out using automation technology that leverages consumer insights.
30 Oct 2023

Thinking about the future to tackle the present

In today’s world, focusing solely on the present can be tempting. However, amid unpredictability, thinking ahead and preparing for the future is crucial. This is especially true for businesses facing...
19 Oct 2023

Evaluating Marketing & Communications ROI

When consumers buy a product at a supermarket, a car at a dealer, a trip online, or an insurance policy through a broker, how do we know which marketing...
11 Oct 2023

Gray and Growing: The ticking time bomb of a rising over-...

Our society will see more older adults than children in just two decades. But what will this mean for our economy and social relations? How will homes look and...
26 Sep 2023

Mining in Latin America: A chance to carve a new path

The mining industry has been under close scrutiny due to past mistakes, misinformation, and negative impacts. While it was once seen as a source of wealth and development, society’s...

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