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  • Corporate Management
  • Spain and Portugal
  • United States
  • North Region
  • Andean Region
  • South Region
Founding Partner and Chairman
Partner and CEO Americas
Partner and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Partner and Chief Talent Officer
Corporate Director
Partner and Global Controller
Legal & Compliance Director
Senior Director IT
Vice President of Advocacy LatAm
Partner and Chief Operating Officer Latin America
Partner and CEO Europe
Partner and Chief Client Officer Europe
Partner and Managing Director Barcelona
Partner and Senior Director
Partner and Managing Director Portugal
Director of the Consumer Engagement and Digital areas
Founding Partner and Chairman
Managing Director Madrid
Partner and Vice President of Public Affairs
Partner and Senior Director Sport and Business Strategy
Partner and Senior Director of Crisis and Risks
Partner and Executive Manager Creative Studio
Partner and Senior Director Engagement
Senior Director Stakeholders Management
Digital Senior Director
Partner and CEO Americas
Senior Director Healthcare Americas
Founding Partner and Chairman
Washington D. C. Office Director
Partner and Managing Director Northern Region
Managing Director Mexico
Senior Director Healthcare Americas
Managing Director Panama
Managing Director Dominican Republic
Partner, Managing Director Andean Region
Managing Director Peru
Managing Director Colombia
Managing Director Ecuador
Managing Director Brazil
Partner, Managing Director Southern Region and Managing Director Argentina
Partner and CEO Chile
Managing Director Chile
Managing Director Brazil