Crepes & Waffles

A successful menu experience that achieves millions of sales.


The leading restaurant company in Colombia began to notice falling customer numbers and a trend towards less interest in the brand experience while struggling to organize its stock levels owing to a need to keep fresh produce for less popular menu items. We were asked to conduct an analysis (Card 05 Consumer) and identify the reasons behind these phenomena. We presented the client with three solutions as alternatives to its problem.

Based on the cards method, we used Card 05 Consumer and identified a major design problem in its menu from the user experience perspective and how that process was leading to fewer people consuming certain dishes and greater ingredient and space wastage.We proposed three strategic ways to redesign the menu and achieve greater consumer traffic flow, improve the user experience and increase consumption, thereby achieving a 16% increase in sales throughout the restaurant chain during the first six months of implementation. The same menu that produced billions of pesos due to the optimization of the consumption process at the most famous chain of restaurants in the country can still be found today.

"Understanding that a few simple adjustments to the menu based on best practice in consumer psychology is so important in designing a user experience enabled me to understand the role and impact of trust in design leadership on the net financial income of the organization"

Andrés Venegas
Managing Director of Adaptative

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