A Country on the Move.


Communicate the added value of the Bridgestone solutions to the companies that drive the country forward every day.

In 2018, Bridgestone Portugal realized that the range of solutions it offered to its business customers was not being correctly perceived by the market. We had to find a way to communicate the added value of Bridgestone's solutions to companies that drive the country forward every day.

Using storytelling techniques, our idea was to create a web series that would communicate these products and their added value, and that would help Bridgestone's sales team to simplify the more technical discourse and generate empathy through the stories/testimonials presented. "A Country on the Move" is a digital series consisting of six episodes that narrates the stories of six Bridgestone customers that drive the country forward: Grupo Tagar, TBM, Solancis, LASO, Operação Directa and Agros.

The narrative focuses on the customers themselves and their stories: the aim was to give publicity to six Portuguese companies that every day help drive the national economy, and in the process, forge reliable partnerships like the one they have with Bridgestone.


The episodes had more than 500,000 views, leading to an increase of 35% in the number of followers on the FB page.

"A Country on the Move" was more than a project for communicating and promoting a brand. It was the result of teamwork between Bridgestone’s communication and sales areas and LLYC to create the initial idea and develop the project and each of its episodes. It was an innovative project taking advantage of the youth and resilience of the LLYC team, which motivated us to move forward and coordinate all the parties involved. LLYC is not just a supplier, but part of us and “A Country on the Move” would be nothing without the determination of LLYC and its professionals.

André Bettencourt
Marketing Director


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