We created the Noabrands corporate brand to align and strengthen its brand names.


TVC, a leading international company in the Visual Merchandizing sector. We needed to create a group brand to convey a unitary corporate philosophy that represents its brand names. The new brand had to give a value to all the capacities and services of the group through a strategy, a visual and verbal identity and a new naming.

Through the development of a complete branding project, LLYC created Noabrands – an attractive and sound umbrella brand aimed at the market under the tagline “Visualize Anything” to communicate its role as an enhancer in any of its end-to-end services.


The creation of a corporate brand with its corresponding communication channels enabled the creation of an internal corporate culture that permeated the rest of its brand names. Noabrands capitalizes creativity, end-to-end services and the expertise of the whole group and was launched on Euroshop – one of the most important retail events in the world.

The challenge of creating Noabrands was to create a Connected Brand: to encapsulate the essence of its brand names to create a single global corporate brand that acts as a beacon for the company. This essence has been conveyed to its verbal and visual identity, managing to reflect the group’s integrating role to bolster internal synergies.

Bárbara Ruiz
Manager of the Branding area at LLYC in Spain
13 May 2021

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