Dial(H)ogar platform for stakeholder dialogue.


IKEA needed to conduct a materiality analysis to serve as a basis for reporting on key environmental, social, ethical and corporate governance issues in its external reporting.

Stakeholder listening with the Dial(H)ogar Platform.

LLYC has conducted an extensive review of internal and external documentation, and also a consultation process with key stakeholders through surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups.

The analysis became a permanent platform for dialogue between the company and its most relevant stakeholders, a listening channel to understand the expectations and priorities of customers, employees, suppliers, social agents, etc.


The process has been a resounding success in terms of participation.

IKEA Spain has listened to the opinions of more than 10,000 customers, more than 450 employees of the most representative centers in the country and almost 50% of its most relevant suppliers.

Likewise, the internal vision of the General Management and 85% of the executives of the most important business areas of the company were taken into account.

Also with that of public administrations, trade unions, consumer associations and other KOLs.

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